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image via Lane Dittoe 

6a0120a5914b9b970c0162fe35a42c970d florali

image via Florali

6OakandtheOwl_White Anemones_Red Amaryllis

image via Oak and the Owl 

11 spriggs florist

image via Spriggs Florist 

185_large amaryllis wild at heart

image via Wild at Heart 

12680_10152212608520510_2038557346_n planet flowers

image via Planet Flowers

581602_525216597492064_1612916902_n rebecca shepherd floral design

557063_525216140825443_1042055276_n rebecca shepherd floral design

DSC_0083 rebecca shepherd floral design

images above via Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

6081832074_1376fa9770_b amy merrick

6635186723_4e988da374_b amy merrick

images above via Amy Merrick 

atsa00000 jan e packer

image via Jane Packer 

image via Celadon and Celery 

Christmas-table-full  bfloral dot com

image via b floral 

image 6 into the woods

image via Into the Woods

nycweddingphotographer quatre coeur

image via Quatre Coeur 



images above via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Terry-Centerpiece landish

image via Landish

Which color of amaryllis do you like most?

Working Designer Wednesday

Here’s what I’ve got for you this week…

1. A unique bouquet transport idea from Love, Lily

45196_425061501991_28363_n love lily

195928_10151782552756992_2004671974_n love lily

542198_10151834259421992_698521018_n love lily

548387_10151846575726992_216988465_n love lily

575416_10151806243756992_246947836_n love lily

2. A couple of gorgeous flowers…

59060_10151160207934807_795343032_n red paris rose exquisite designs chicago

‘Red Paris’ rose from Exquisite Designs 

Cynoglossum or Chinese For Get Me Not.  07092011 886 floret flowers

Cynoglossum (Chinese Forget Me Not) from Floret Flower Farm 

3. Transport vehicles…


image via Love, Lily 

398388_10151239543865152_595323742_n flora organica designs

image via Flora Organica Designs

524062_408008005912443_1592140078_n  paisley petals

530004_408005325912711_1789924821_n  paisley petals

images above via Paisley Petals

4. The amazing husbands behind the flowers…

husband IMG_0743 Joel Pollard Color My wWorld

Mr. Color My World Flowers 

husband IMG_8061 floret

husbandIMG_8064 floret

Mr. Floret Flower Farm

husbands 530028_487384334623067_1149330903_n Mr. Floret Cadet

Mr. Floret Cadet

husbands 532295_475146565842775_1425036833_n nadia di tullio flowers

Mr. Nadia di Tullio 

husbands 6a01127918a34b28a40133f3f52c5d970b-800wi

Mr. Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

mr flourish303350_10150879952892721_643235656_n

Mr. Flourish

5. Laura Kuy Flowers builds a rose wall…

rose wall 421721_409349222461007_2032100545_n laura kuy flowers

rose wall 557359_409349279127668_1270795468_n laura kuy flowers amnesia roses in tubes

rose wall 400546_409349552460974_906327542_n laura kuy flowers sweet avalanche and amnesia roses

rose wall 603416_409349452460984_1630953855_n laura kuy flowers

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

Outdoor Ceremony Sites

036 jose villa and joy thigpen

image via Joy Thigpen and Jose Villa Photography 

6a0120a5914b9b970c0154327d16fb970c-800wi florali

image via Florali

1510 lauryl lane and sweet and saucy

image via Lauryl Lane 

31054_456545328867_7667932_n  romance of flowers

image via Romance of Flowers

150309_10151153521799660_989743191_n stoneblossom

image via Stoneblossom

192658_10151016209800938_1828158398_o honey and poppies

image via Honey and Poppies 

391728_415038691894720_1041622644_n sophisticated floral designs and andrea lorimor photo

image via Sophisticated Floral Designs and Andrea Lorimor Photography

403749_297197663660516_108141619232789_860707_1416673129_n mckenzie powell

image via McKenzie Powell 

422361_10151130243903970_1151859874_n whimsical gatherings and tec petaja photo

image via Whimsical Gatherings and Tec Petaja Photography

7309241984_64a5116365_z leslie caldwell photo bella flora dfw events

image via DFW Events and Bella Flora7798737414_6602e3c4b5_b  natalie galasso

image via Natalie Galasso Designs

1344379882354-M4FGSN7G6M95MMP9ZJ6L-750w pollen floral art

image via Pollen Floral Art 

burlap2  kim starr wise

image via Kim Starr Wise Floral Events

IMG_4537  michael daigian

image via Michael Daigian 

IMG_6906-1024x682 blush floral design

image via Blush Floral Design 

IMG_7154-Edit bloomers flowers

image via Bloomers Flowers

IMG_8062  tricia fountaine

image via Tricia Fountaine Design 


image via Lane Dittoe 

langhampasadenaweddingphotographer05-6e27 mille fiori and bboutwell studio

image via Mille Fiori and Boutwell Studio 

See a favorite?

Cymbidium Orchids

007 the flower studio az

image via The Flower Studio 

8OakandtheOwl_Rustic Table

13OakandtheOwl_Tulips Dahlias and Orchids

images above via Oak and the Owl

19037_272029125956_7398836_n flora bella

39622_423188005956_4501738_n flora bella

535245_10150617188070957_1443868435_n flora bella

images above via Flora Bella 

110604_t&p_00060 flowerwild

image via Flowerwild 

154615_180780805281174_159860124039909_618334_1972349_n  seed floral

156358_180780728614515_159860124039909_618332_1241496_n  seed floral

images above via Seed Floral

168919_10150126111576422_111739501421_8126378_6231998_n  datura

image via Datura 

179118_3328997593525_1106082392_n angie strange

image via Posh Floral Designs 

298480_201436079921650_156574431074482_555131_1035644844_n sophisticated floral designs

image via Sophisticated Floral Designs 

383306_518894754790915_1960589131_n rebecca shepherd floral desigm

417368_407188059294919_130855983594796_1717871_176715857_n rebecca shepherd floral design

images above via Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

431057_10151742618626165_631596351_n sasha souza

image via Sasha Souza 

20110730-0002 bloomers flowers blogspot

image via Bloomers Flowers

5450155273_9d714be9de  Jessica Ruisan photography and always flowers australia

image via Jessica Ruisan Photography and Always Flowers 

Happy Monday!