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Floral Chandeliers

I realize that some of these aren’t actually chandeliers, but roll with it anyway if you don’t mind…they’re all worth seeing!

1 nasher dallas bows and arrows

image via Bows and Arrows

31054_456586708867_4284290_n  romance of flowers

image via Romance of Flowers

422879_274369605971378_104708909604116_618833_631387294_n amanda k photography

image via Amanda K Photography


image via Wedding Flowers by Heidi

chandelier ld_wed_0626$!x600  joielala photographie  and twigg botanicals

image via  Joielala Photographie and Twigg Botanicals

chandelier jeff latham 598589_10151035630701972_1856011819_n

chandelier jeff latham 598601_10151035631866972_393415754_n

images above via Jeff Latham

Carmen-Salazar-Photography-8-681x1024 botanica events dot com

image via Botanica and Carmen Salazar Photography 

cecilia fox

image via Cecilia Fox 

dance floor piece(1)adorations

image via Adorations 

DSC_0448 (2) the style salon au

image via The Style Salon 

DSC_0959  white lilac

image via White Lilac Inc.

hanging-crystal-chandelier-with-roses-orchids  designs by hemingway

image via Designs by Hemingway

img_3078 tantawan bloom

image via Tantawan Bloom

IMG_4521 park place floral

image via Park Place Design 

medM_A351  L'Oasis floral design

image via L’Oasis Floral Design 

Mills_818  au courant

image via Au Courant 

P1040528  michael daigian

P1040546  michael daigian underside of P1040546

image via Michael Daigian 

Happy Thursday!

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 8

auction 579crop2

The Question:

“What should be included in a contract? Do contracts differ from state to state? Where can I get a sample? (submitted by a reader in Florida)


The Answers:

“My contract is very basic.  It states all of the basic information about the wedding [date, time, location(s), name of the bride and groom, etc.].  I also get very detailed in my descriptions of the floral pieces I will be providing, so that there is no confusion on the day that I deliver. 

I also include a "Day Of Timeline" on my contracts.  Some are more complicated than others… but it’s just as helpful for the bride as it is for me to know what the delivery and set up schedule will look like on the day of. I usually arrive first to present the bridal party flowers, and help pin on boutonnieres if the guys are ready. This is something I always ask the bride about: when will the photographer start taking pictures? I want to be there BEFORE that. Then I go on to set up the ceremony and reception flowers [I always have start times noted in the contract] and last but not least, the time in the night when I need to come back to clean up and retrieve my rental items/vases [if any]… and what time the venue needs all vendors out by! 

I also include a "fine print" section that outlines my policies as far as what I expect from clients when it comes to payment schedule, retainer policy and percentage, etc.  I know some florists have specific policies about changes being made to contracts, etc.  I do have a few things in there about when is "too late" to be adding centerpieces or other arrangements, etc.  And a really good one is that if a bride needs to take off a few centerpieces last minute [like the WEEK OF], I cannot refund her money for those arrangements.  Ummmm, the flowers are already on their way to me! ;)  So in my contract it states that I will simply use the flowers set aside for those arrangements, to fluff up other arrangements that we’re making.

I learned all of this as I went – and you will too, as you will learn from your mistakes at times.  Bottom line is, you can’t have too many details in there.  The more you cover, the better off you are in the end in case something goes wrong.  You can always refer back to the terms in "the contract" that the client agreed to and signed.”

-Liz Rusnac (Fleur:ology)


We do not have a typical contract. We have an invoice and our invoice states a list of terms, such as when deposit and final payment will be made and that we don’t allow reductions under ten percent. The terms also lists our cancellation policies, our delivery policies (it got really tiring this year when all of a sudden we were asked to go to several extra places dropping off one bouquet at a time), that we will not order or delivery flowers without a payment in full prior to the delivery and that we have a right to make substitutions. We also have a force majeure clause that protects us from acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and so on. Our list of terms goes on and on and quite frankly we have never had to use it. Basically I believe if you provide amazing product and customer service none of this will be necessary. The one clause we do have and I love is that we have the right to bring a photographer to the event and use the images for our social media purposes. This ensures that if I truly want images from an event I have a right to get them.”

-Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


I find that my contract is constantly evolving after new situations occur, but overall it is simple and to the point. Some important points I include in my contract are:

-What monetary deposit is required to book the date (Be sure to include whether or not it is refundable)

-How far in advance of the wedding/event date the Final Payment is due and what forms of payment you accept

-Insuring the day/time/location of the event are correct

-The right for me to use my best judgment in making flower substitutions should the requested flower not be available or of best quality

-Elisabeth Zemetis (Blush Floral Design)


“I think it differs a lot when it comes to contracts. Here in Sweden, most florists work without contracts (which I think is absolutely crazy). Important things to include in the contract: design, payment, deposit, delivery, who’s responsible for clearing up the venue, last day to make changes, cancel conditions, refund etc.. A good idea is to have a solicitor to check out your contract!”

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


“In France, we don’t really have contracts. The quote, if signed by the customer, acts as contract. Here the quote must of course describe what you are going to sell or rent, but as well detail the VAT (value added tax), your company reference number, and payment terms. I think the latter are the most important as getting paid is the real trick…”

-Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


Thanks so much Laetitia, Emelie, Elisabeth, Holly & Liz! 

If any of you are interested in a sample contract, you can see mine here.

And now, because we can’t go a day without flowers, please enjoy a few designs by Amy Merrick





130-amy-merrick (1)

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


73669_166350126721178_4443457_n kathleen deery design

image via Kathleen Deery Design

010 fleur chicago

image via Fleur 

6a010535ded4be970c01543566ab50970c just bloomed

image via Just Bloomed 

00965 emma freeman photo and spruce mn

image via Spruce and Emma Freeman Photography

2010_12_31_Brittany_&_Scott_Wedding_0217 twigg botanicals and amorology

image via Twigg Botanicals and Amorology

207883_216189285073659_159860124039909_898368_2067186_n   seed floral

image via Seed Floral 

268734_487379051290262_1039981557_n floret cadet

image via Floret Cadet

270602_10151011590425938_2044187075_n honey and poppies

image via Honey and Poppies 

299974_10150428396090739_952848298_n shawna yamamoto event design and andrena photo

image via Shawna Yamamoto Event Design and Andrena Photography 

318247_10151047883998868_46298268867_13095478_199323852_n bella fiori

image via Bella Fiori 

375520_301876486516245_1365669638_n  ladybird poppy floral design

image via Ladybird Poppy Floral Design and Emily Elizabeth Photography

393671_272267052810845_154806701223548_752792_592669798_n precious pear

image via Precious Pear 

394056_10150484816065764_149288420763_9094727_1966539389_n arrangements

image via Arrangements 

394691_10150892862301965_41170551_n  kyla dorsey photo and sweet pea floral design

image via Sweet Pea Floral Design

395590_371893719492963_117612141587790_1741632_218948960_n  fleurology

image via Fleurology

525144_4004307512035_1411540203_33548003_103347233_n isha foss

image via Isha Foss 

526983_10151143312133413_1863930360_n la petite fleur

image via La Petite Fleur 


According to Florists’ Review:

Anemones have a relatively short vase life of 4 to 8 days. They are heat sensitive and intolerant to ethylene gas. It’s best to move Anemones quickly; don’t store them for more than two days in the cooler. Upon their arrival, leave plastic sleeves on to prevent bruising and curved stems. Dip in hydrating solution and place in a properly prepared flower food solution. Let flowers hydrate at least one hour before removing their sleeves. Store in 36-28 F cooler. When arranging in floral foam or in bridal designs, you can strengthen the stems by inserting heavy gauge wires into the hollow flower stems to prevent collapse.

Anything you want to add about your experience using anemones?

You’re Invited: Two Amazing Classes

If you can get to Atlanta in the next couple of months, I would encourage you to take advantage of two upcoming classes sponsored by Faith Flowers. Two different classes…two accomplished designers…


European Design with Gudrun

gundrun IMG_3881

Table Designs   October 23, 2012  (8:30 am to 4pm)

Holiday Designs   October 24, 2012  (8:30 am to 4pm)

Gudrun Cottenier, founder and owner of the largest private flower
school in Belgium will lead two private workshops on European
floral design. You will see Gudrun create many new designs
for table décor and the holidays. You will also participate in a
hands on workshop creating European style tables designs and
arrangements. Gudrun is a beautiful designer who incorporates
natural elements into her work. All levels of floral designers will
learn new techniques and design inspiration from Gudrun who is
a masterful teacher.

We will begin the day with a behind-the-scenes tour of Cut
Flower Wholesale given by the owners. We will then proceed to
a demonstration and workshop at the Faith Flowers Studio. This
class includes a catered lunch.

To Register:

Cost: $265 Each Class or $500 for Both Classes

Questions: Laura Iarocci 404-578-0950 or

Sponsored by Faith Flowers


Wonderful Weddings with Holly Chapple

holly chappleimage001

November 6th  (8:30 am to 4 pm)

Holly Chapple, one of Washington’s leading wedding designers
will give a very special one day workshop in Atlanta.  Holly
has been featured in Southern Living, Brides, Martha Stewart
Weddings and The Knot.  She has been awarded Washingtonian’s
Best for the past four years.  Holly will show us how she puts
together the design, color and plans for beautiful and unique
weddings. She will demonstrate how she constructs her
signature pieces. In our workshop Holly will show us the secrets
behind her flowers to wear.

We will begin the day with a behind the scenes tour of Cut
Flower Wholesale with the owners. We will then proceed to a
demonstration and workshop at the Faith Flowers Studio. This
class includes a catered lunch.

For more information on Holly, check out her blog:

Sign up early as this workshop will fill quickly.

Holly will delight you with her charm and stories from the over
150 weddings she does each year.

To Register:

Cost: $265 / $250 Early Bird Registration

Questions: Laura Iarocci 404-578-0950 or

Sponsored by Faith Flowers


Gudrun’s school in Belgium:

"I loved [Gudrun] for so many reasons, firstly she is a remarkable wife and mother, more remarkable than I can ever share. I loved her home based design studio, and I loved her very creative mind. Gudrun can and does make anything and everything beautiful. She is constantly inventing new creations by recycling the most basic of things…” –Holly Chapple

Holly Chapple’s website:

"You will appreciate Holly’s skill, heart and honesty…and learn so much from the experiences she so generously shares. You will be inspired by her dedication to the floral design profession, her constant mentoring of fellow designers and her ability to balance being a wife and mother (of 7) with growing a floral design business.” –me!


Hope some of you can make one or both of these classes…email me if you have questions.

And now, because we can’t go a day without flowers…keep reading….I actually wrote two posts today. For all you coral lovers…