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Color Inspiration: Green, Coral & Raspberry

For Alicia…may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but hope you find some inspiration in these amazing designs…

546339_405485439491273_890805992_n au courant

image via Au Courant

6a0120a5914b9b970c014e608c83c8970c-800wi florali

image via Florali

20.1  blossom sweet

image via Blossom Sweet

0243_Koehnlein_jf_0552web hana floral design

image via Hana Floral Design

2011_todaysbride_1791  nancy liu chin and kevin chin photo

image via Nancy Liu Chin and Kevin Chin Photography

Amanda-2 au courant

image via Au Courant

221889_139336199471860_138727949532685_261108_7887185_n laura miller design

image via Laura Miller Design

398753_389605144398832_108660632493286_1531027_1306419911_n erica hartman photo and zest floral

image via Erica Hartman Photography and Zest 

424437_3068825394303_1073613520_2963909_1779271570_n francoise weeks and andie petkus photo

image via Francoise Weeks and Andie Petkus Photography

559368_10150755839132364_274563452363_9040874_918546322_n spruce mn

image via Spruce

5049379416_14927536e3_z love n fresh flowers dot com

image via Love n’ Fresh Flowers

Blog_Photo_Frame_12 yk vision

image via YK Vision

DSC_0057 studio choo

image via Studio Choo

fall-colored-centerpieces-upclose-internet-size1 bride and bloom flowers

image via Bride and Bloom Flowers

fb15 bellaflora

image via Bella Flora

g1-2-467x700 adrianne smith floral design

g1-5-700x700 adrianne smith floral design

images via Adrianne Smith Floral Design 

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Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 1

DSC_0062 edit


Which tools would you suggest a floral designer spend extra money on and which tools do you feel you can skimp on? (submitted by a reader in Colorado)



“In the beginning, my advice would be to only buy the tools as you need them – everything from clippers to floral tape to vases. This keeps your costs down. If you are able to invest more money upfront, it’s best to direct those dollars towards your branding, marketing, etc.

What you should never skimp on are decent clippers, high quality shoes to wear in the studio, and above all, your flowers. Buy the best product you can and you will set yourself apart.”

– Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)


“I normally buy the standard clippers, cutters, and knives from my wholesaler. On many occasions I have upgraded to the strongest, sharpest, longest lasting tools but in truth these things get lost very easily in a busy shop, so I don’t invest heavily in them. We are constantly throwing out tools or leaving them on jobs.  If you call your cooler and your delivery van a tool, I say make certain you don’t skimp on those. That cooler better be working and that van better start when it’s delivery time!!! “

-Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


“I’ve always used clippers, could never quite adapt to using a knife. About a year ago I was introduced to Hida tools in Berkeley. They sell Japanese cutting tools of every variety. Their clippers were life changing for me.When we asked Hida what the difference was between the Japanese clippers
and Felcos, pointing to his he said "these cut right through". So we have named them our cut-right-throughs. I really can’t recommend them enough,it’s so important to think about your hands when making hundreds of cuts a day. Also, if you’re going to invest in really good tools, it’s important
to clean them often. We use camellia oil to lubricate them. I sound like an infomercial, but you can order Hida online at The ones I use are Tobisho Brand Pruners A“


-Susan Donley (Florali)


“There are two types of tools I really do invest in. First the cutting tools… maybe because iIcome from the country of the Swiss Army Knife :o) Seriously, good cutting tools allow you to work faster and cut flowers drink more and last longer, so you get a double benefit. I also do invest in high quality vases and containers as I usually "rent" them for weddings and therefore tend to transport them often back and forth.

One thing I decided to spare on is a flower cooler. Flowers do not like temperature shocks. If you use a cooler, you need to make sure that the cold chain is respected, which is a rather tricky exercise in my opinion. In my new French studio, I will therefore use an old stone cellar which insures a constant 15°C (59 °F) all year long, perfect to store flowers… and wine!”

-Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


“My most important tool is my knife. It has to be really sharp to make good cuts, so therefore I prefer to spend some extra money on a good knife which I can sharpen over and over again. The tool I think you can skimp on or actually don’t really need is a stripper. I think strippers damage the stems and it’s better and easier to strip with a knife. So no stripper and go for a really good knife!”

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


“Ratchet clippers are very useful when clipping large, thick stemmed branches it’s worth paying a little extra to get a heavy duty pair. A pair of good quality flower clippers and a design knife, spend a little extra on these as they will last longer. Wire cutters: do not use your flower clippers to cut wire as it will wear them down and ruin them! Those are the key tools I keep close by on my design table.”

-Alicia Schwede (Bella Fiori)


“Flower clippers and Ribbon scissors are 2 tools that it pays to splurge on! I purchase my flower clippers from and use Gingher Scissors, which have both lasted me for years.

   My most valuable inexpensive tools are plastic milk crates which I pick up for free from the local recycling center. I use these for packing buckets of extra flowers, large urns, tall arrangements. etc. in transportation to events so they don’t tip over in the van.”

-Elisabeth Zemetis (Blush Floral Design)


“Felco clippers.  I will clip/rip/tear my flower stems with anything when I’m desperate, and I did for a long time.  After I bought my first pair of Felco clippers I swore I’d never process flowers without them again.  They are amazing for pretty much any stem, but are invaluable for the woody stems.  The handle is comfortable, and they cut smoothly.  Worth every penny!”

felco 41yq97H6VOL._SS400_

-Sarah Winward (Honey of a Thousand Flowers)


DSC_0072edit(b) e

Thanks you to Sarah, Holly, Alicia, Emelie, Susan, Laetitia and Clare…for your advice! Feel free to leave comments and questions for the panel in the comment section of this post…and don’t forget to send your new questions to me at

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Altar Arrangements

3 pl.anet flowers

image via Planet Flowers

6a010535ded4be970c0154362d15b0970c  just bloomed

image via Just Bloomed

100_1357 mood flower

image via Mood Flowers

525526_409346622430733_107142992651099_1255043_97674335_n love n fresh

image via Love n’ Fresh Flowers

545272_319902578085560_145761328833020_712042_188953952_n hacman floral

image via Hacman Floral 

3924383976_48164e6e83_b emailed from My Fleur Journey origin unknown (1)

image origin unknown

bella  flora dallas1

image via Bella Flora

Flora-Nova-Design-wedding-Chinese-details-red-and-white-Canlis-Restaurant-Seattle (13)

image via Flora Nova

i_13371 modern bouquet

image via Modern Bouquet

IMG_8503  flora fauna

image via Flora Fauna

Peaches and cream chapel decor bliss in bloom

image via Bliss in Bloom

Guess what?! Our Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel will begin answering our questions tomorrow. Hope you get a chance to stop by and see what they have to say!

Happy Tuesday y’all…


2-e1334286150344 silvana defranco photo and soulflower

image via Soulflower and Silvana Di Franco Photography

0032 priscila valentino photo

image via Priscila Valentina Photography


image via La Partie Events

0102_j0559_veague_1458 april flowers

image via April Flowers

149 lauryl lane and sweet and saucy

image via Lauryl Lane

779x520 primary petalsi

image via Primary Petals

46381-531x800 branching out events

image via Branching Out Events

379069_2600190357139_1026200190_32358892_1904575706_n jan dekker

image via Jan Dekker Designs

399569_368801359802199_117612141587790_1731568_702787135_n fleurology

image via Fleurology

430723_10151288296515037_529395036_22968162_1125234953_n michelle b. photographie at longoria wedding

image via Michelle B. Photographie

419996_277510508980873_156574431074482_774560_1090983103_n sophisticated floral designs

image via Sophisticated Floral Designs 

540579_10150815971141570_47809636_three sisters flowers

image via Three Sisters Flowers

20110730-carrie-and-patrick-wedding-final-edit-2425-1024x681 april flowers

image via April Flowers

41640013 bella flora 30A

image via Bella Flora

5547591668_9f4240f3ce_b Natalie Galasso Designs

image via Natalie Galasso Designs

6091174168_730e3e4a28 garden party

image via Garden Party Flowers

ae45a adrienne gunde photo

image via Adrienne Gunde Photography

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