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Working Designer Wednesday: Botanical Shoes & Purses by Francoise Weeks

fran botanical-shoe4-Françoise-Weeks

Francoise Weeks designs some of the most amazing botanical shoes and purses I’ve ever seen. I love the details and asked  Francoise if she would mind me sharing her new video with you…which showcases her botanical shoes. She is always so gracious and eager to share her knowledge with fellow designers. So, take a look at this video that her photographer/friend, Joni Shimabukuro, helped create…

Here are a few more of my favorites…

fran botanical-shoe-with-moss-and-fushia-orchids-Françoise-Weeks

image via Joni Shimabukuro

fran flower-purse-David-Barssb

image via David Barss Photography

fran flower-purse-with-fushia-orange-and-chartreuse-flowers-Vista-Hills-Françoise-Weeks2

image via Jessica Hill Photography

fran fushia-flower-purse-2-Urban-Studio-Françoise-Weeks

image via Jessica Hill Photography

fran fushia-flower-purse-Urban-Studio-Françoise-Weeks

image via Jessica Hill Photography

fran fushia-flower-purse-with-dangling-eucalyptus-pods-Françoise-Weeks

image via Elijah Park Photography

fran green-purple-botanical-shoe-Françoise-Weeks-407x500

image via Joni Shimabukuro

fran orchidrose-shoe-Françoise-Weeks-500x332 (1)

image via Joni Shimabukuro


image via Joni Shimabukuro

If you love these designs, you should check out Francoise’s Botanical Couture Workshop schedule.I always hear rave reviews from those who attend her workshops.

Happy Wednesday!


The weather is getting slightly warmer here and we’re supposed to get a dose of sunshine this week…thank goodness! I can only take so much cloudiness and cold weather. I need to be outside…in flip flops! With the warming temps come daydreams of blooming flowers all around…and zinnias are at the top of my list…

6a0120a8026eb3970b014e8c293802970d-650wi handmaker of things

image via Handmaker of Things

14_k11 ariella

image via Ariella Chezar


image via Amy Merrick

3999417539_2d3d9d6b44_z love n fresh flowers dot com

image via Love n’ Fresh Flowers

5995929936_76be855b02_z  saipua

image via Saipua

blush floral design

image Blush Floral Design

DSCN3619_2 wildstyle

image via Botanique

JennJay0085  flourish florals dot com

image via Flourish Florals

JTA 3 springwell garden

image via Springwell Gardens

P1020115 kat flower

image via Kat Flower

springwell gardensState Fair 2

image via Springwell Gardens

ta_wedding_189 april flowers

image via April Flowers

test-photo2 soulflower

image via Soulflower

zinnia-compact jacqueline ahne

image via Jacqueline Ahne

Are you ready for zinnias and flip flops?


11 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Hise 8-07 011

I’ve just been tagged by my blogger friend Mimi over at First Come Flowers and Fly Me To The Moon to play this game…

Here are the rules:

1) You must post the rules.

2) Answer eleven questions.

3) Tag eleven other bloggers.

4) Ask them 11 new questions.


The questions Mimi asked me are:

1) How did you come up with the name of your blog? Lots of thought…wanted it to convey the excitement (brouhaha) I feel over all things botanical…

2) What’s your favorite snack? Anything chocolate…Mounds bars, at the moment.

3) If you were making up your own quote, what would it be? Please stand for something!

4) What’s your favorite flower? Hydrangea

5) Why did you start blogging? After 8 years in the flower business, I decided to close my studio and spend more time with my family. I have two sons who were growing up fast and my mom was experiencing some serious health problems. I was worried that I would have regrets if I continued the break-neck pace of the wedding business while my family needed me. While I was confident in my decision to take a break from the business, I missed flowers and “flower people” in the worst way. I knew I had to find a way to stay connected to the industry and indulge my love of flowers…writing a blog made the most sense to me.

6) What other country would you like to visit? The truth is…I’m a homebody.

7) Which word do you have the most difficulty spelling? none…I have spell check!

8) What’s your favorite magazine? Country Living or Veranda

9) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Gross! I can’t imagine eating only one food forever…but, if I have to choose…guess it would be chocolate. Wait, is that a food?

10) What’s your dream for the world? For those of us who have a relationship with Jesus to love people the way He loves them…which could change the world.

11) What invention would you like to see on the market in your lifetime? An RV that doesn’t have to stop by the dump station…I really want an RV, but don’t want to deal with the “waste”…weird answer, huh?

Here are the 11 bloggers I am tagging:

1) Chuck @ Flirty Fleurs

2) Tracy @ Springwell Gardens

3) Liz @ Fleurology

4) Kate @ Floret Cadet

5) Kit @ Love, Kit

6) Emily @ The Emily Post (who created the bouquet pictured above!)

7) Jenny @ Sea Jen

8) Janice @ Never a Plain Jane

9) Alicia @ Bella Fiori

10) Laurie @ Fleurie

11) Tracy @ Park Place Design


Here are your questions:

1. Who would you say has had the most influence on your life?

2. Why do you blog?

3. Which do you prefer: beach or mountains?

4. Name a flower you dislike.

5. Name your favorite movie.

6. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

7. What is your favorite fashion trend from your lifetime (so far!)?

8. Do you dance?

9. Who’s your favorite band?

10. Name one thing you hope to accomplish in your life.

11. What inspires you?

Note: If you don’t have time or desire to play along, I understand and love you still!

Happy Monday!

Which Bouquet?

The Dress…

wedding dress bhldn downpour gown 24130551_011_a

2wedding dress 4130551_011_b

…the Divine Downpour Gown in Parchment from Bhldn…hundreds of hand-applied glass crystals and handmade flowers shower down this unstructured tank dress silhouette…$2500.00

The Bouquets…

Bouquet #1 (Art with Nature)

4_GLEE_Wedding_0019 sargent photography and art with nature

Bouquet #2 (Elly B Events)

0066 elly b events

Bouquet #3 (Michael Daigian)

404825_10150570107035033_89418505032_11181558_1851027493_n scott andrew photo and michael daigian

Which would you choose?

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Just Roses

_MG_6773 courtenay lambert and jmm photography

image via Courtenay Lambert Florals and JMM Photography

23 blossoms atlanta dot com

image via Blossoms Atlanta and Nadia D Photography

750_500_csupload_21322518 francis flowers

image via Francis Flowers

200709_194500820583788_183166238383913_526805_6114360_n avant garden dallas

image via Avant Garden

625351680_mzugp-l  verbena floral

image via Verbena Floral Design

Antique Box Preserved Rose Dark IMG_1738 LowRes_450x450 Black Baccara roses aaFloral Art la

image via Floral Art

image via Jennifer Skog Photography and Nicole Ha Designs

Blue Sky Photography - Lennoxlove - Planet Flowers (3)

image via Planet Flowers

celedan and celery2011-09-24LuxenbergKilpatrickCentralParkBoathouseWEB-2

image via Celadon and Celery and Angelica Criscuolo Photography

CIMG4947 petals galore

image via Petals Galore

classiclondonhotelwedding13 4 JL Designs

image via JL Designs

image via Designs by Ahn

DSC02112 the flower company

image via The Flower Company

f-bp-033b missy photo

image via Missy Photography

Happy Thursday!