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Which Bouquet?

Let’s pick a bouquet for Dylan Lauren’s wedding dress today…what do you say? You know Dylan, the daughter of Ralph Lauren and Founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar. She’s one lucky girl because her dad designed her dress…isn’t she beautiful?

The Dress…


Bouquet #1 (Laura Dowling)

6a01116861ae10970c0120a4f1999a970b-800wi laura dowling typepad

Bouquet #2 (Ashley Fox Designs)

ash1203 ashley fox designs

Bouquet #3 (Flora Nova)

Flora-Nova-Design-wedding-SODO-Park-Seattle-red-flowers3 floral nova

Which would you choose?

Have a great weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Monday with more flowers…

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

How Do They Do It?

I think I’ve confided before that there is one part of floral design that I find elusive…difficult…frustrating…and that is designing a truly mixed bouquet. For some reason, I see flowers in specific color groups and have the hardest time breaking out of a tight color palette. Maybe it’s because I hate the mixed bouquets I see that appear to simply be the leftover flowers shoved together by some designer trying to avoid “wasting” them. You know what I mean? No rhyme or reason to the design and it just doesn’t jive for me…or worse, it makes me slightly nauseous. Then there are the designers who can combine many colors and textures into a bouquet that makes me cry with envy…and I have to ask, “How do they do it?” Of course, I know how they do it. It’s a GIFT…something not easily learned…just a talent that flows through the hands of these talented designers. So let’s look at a few…

6a010535ded4be970c014e89a11ba4970d just bloomed

image via Just Bloomed

133 jl designs

image via JL Designs

39902_461652925420_295546405420_6792757_1836258_n bloom by Anuschka

image via Bloom by Anuschka

3 sidra forman

image via Sidra Forman

070310-3282 petalena

image via Petalena

73583_121994414528100_100001526256267_140053_1469459_n bloom by Anuschka

image via Bloom by Anuschka

Barcelona tulips springwell gardens

image via Springwell Gardens

coccoalex01910 beautiful blooms

image via Beautiful Blooms Events

DSCF1648b bloom by Anuschka

image via Bloom by Anuschka

holly chapple flowers

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

just bloomed10

image via Just Bloomed


image via Kate Osborne Photography

What about you? Is there a part of floral design that you find elusive and frustrating?

Have a great Thursday!


Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

Oh my goodness, y’all…as we say in Texas! I have so many things I want to share with you today. I just hope I can remember them all!

Something happened yesterday that I’ve been hoping for since I started this blog. A few days ago, a designer asked if anyone had a source for Café Au Lait dahlias. I posted the question on here…and yesterday Susan from Shady Grove Gardens left a comment that read, “I should have Cafe au Lait dahlias for sale starting Aug 1, 2011 Now that may not seem like a big deal to you, but I REALLY wanted Botanical Brouhaha to be a place where designers could find suppliers, growers and mentors. I hope other growers will follow Susan’s lead and use this blog as a way to connect with designers.

Speaking of Shady Grove Gardens…be sure to check out their website and blog. They offer fresh flowers grown on their farm in North Carolina…for delivery in the High Country of NC, for weddings and for sale at the Watauga County Farmer’s Market. You can take a scenic hayride around their farm…do some bird watching on the 76 acre farm…sign up for a flower subscription service. And, my favorite part, you can get married in their wedding knoll with unobstructed views of three states…just look at the knoll!

knoll peak_fromknolweb

…and their flowers!

village IMG_8724 bluebird meadows blogspot

And…speaking of subscription services…I love the Flower Club at Maxit Flower Design! Simply choose the frequency of delivery (once a week, once a month, etc.), then choose the length of time (1-12 months), then choose your style (contemporary, traditional or vintage)…and leave the rest to Maxit! Be sure to read all about it for yourself on the Maxit Flower Design website. And here’s a Maxit design…

maxitJulie's 23-b

Next on my list…A while back, I wrote a post about Porcelain berries and both Janet from Floral Verde and Laurie from Fleurie left comments about how much Sarah at Saipua loves Porcelain berries. Janet even posted links to these photo from Saipua…

porcelain berries saipua  5021551159_4c76172783_z

porcelain berries saipua 5021541027_a6ce5d8177_z

So beautiful! Janet also left links to a few blog posts you will definitely want to read if you’re a Porcelain berry fan….

Sarah from Honey of a Thousand Flowers left this comment to that same post, “I have tried to order porcelain vine several different times from places all over the country and each time they have given me a raised brow and said "what vine?". I think it is gorgeous, and would love a source if anyone has one.” So here’s another chance to help a fellow designer…leave a comment for Sarah if you have a Porcelain berry source…

And now…speaking of Honey of a Thousand Flowers…you must check out Sarah’s work…magnificent! See?

honey of a thousand flowes sarahwinwardIMG_0962

And look at her studio…

honey of a thousand flowers studio yanphotography12

honey of a thousand flowers untitled-55

Read more about Sarah and her hip studio space here

And, finally, today is Botanical Brouhaha’s 2nd Birthday…which means it’s also my birthday because I started the blog as a birthday present to myself 2 years ago! I can’t thank you enough for visiting each day and leaving comments…and for emailing me with questions and encouraging words…and for passing along botanical ideas and sites that you love. You’ve blessed me tremendously over the last 2 years and I look forward to spending many many more days loving all things botanical alongside you!

Happy Wednesday!


Color Inspiration: Green + White

005AC_MegPerotti and JL Designs

image via JL Designs and Meg Perotti Photography

6a010535ded4be970c014e8922f252970d just bloomed

image via Just Bloomed

09_01 florali

image via Florali

12 robbie honey

image via Robbie Honey

14  clayton austin photo

image via Clayton Austin Photography

16th-bridesmaid jacqueline ahne

image via Jacqueline Ahne

40 jl designs and sweet and saucy

image via JL Designs and Sweet and Saucy

ACF3D87 our labor of love by heidi

image via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

ACFBAD3 kathleen deery design and lisa lefkowitz photo

image via Kathleen Deery Design and Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

Asymmetry-copy eddie zaratsian

image via Eddie Zaratsian

bouquet-4 b eautiful blooms

image via Beautiful Blooms Events

CORPORATE-02-679x509 soulflower

image via Soulflower

Happy Tuesday!


Oh, Callas…

…it’s been a while since we’ve visited…

bodell 2 blooms and co

image via Blooms & Co.

04 sonia events and jose villa photo

image via Sonia Events and Jose Villa Photography

6a00e5508cf2b48833014e8689be8e970d-500wi rhonda patton

image via Rhonda Patton Designs

022 the flower studio az

image via The Flower Studio

75 planet flowers

image via Planet Flowers

08 sonia events and epic imagery photo

image via Sonia Events and Epic Imagery Photography

0711_a100320_1384 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

29246_402965759659_78329639659_4049234_378558_n stoneblossom

image via Stoneblossom

ajp-258 holly chapple

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

allanzepeda_100628_0001 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

black-mini-calla-studio-stems-wedding-bouquet studio stems and blush photography

image via Studio Stems and Blush Photography

blog4  flora nova seattle

image via Flora Nova

…great to appreciate you again…

Happy Monday, Everyone…

…especially, you, Janice (wink)…