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Cymbidium Orchids

Judging by the number of people who search my blog for cymbidium orchids each week, I’m guessing it’s a favorite…so, enjoy!

4 bunch studio4

image via Bunch Studio

7 hoffmann photo

image via Hoffmann Photography

15 sonia events and jules bianchi photo

image via Sonia Sharma Events and Jules Bianchi Photography

IMG_8773 stephanie karen photography

image via Stephanie Karen Photography

0531 milena sefferovich photo

image via Milena Sefferovich Photography

061110_k_k_2269 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

3961913817_9f0d0acd82_o caroline tran

image via Caroline Tran Photography

atsa00039 jane packer

image via Jane Packer

brad & carrie3943 art with nature

image via Art With Nature

crofoot057 erin volante

image via Erin Volante Floral and Epaga Foto

DSCN3489 laura miller designs

image via Laura Miller Designs

hilary miles flowers10

image via Hilary Miles Flowers 

hilary miles flowers11

image via Hilary Miles Flowers

Aren’t you amazed my the variety of colors? Do you have a favorite? I’m especially drawn to the deep burgundy cymbidiums…

And what about that composite bouquet from Jane Packer? Love…

Hope you had a great (long) weekend! Thanks for stopping by today…

Happy Memorial Day

ACF1FD4 justin marantz photo

image via Justin & Mary Marantz 

jeans_and_a_red_tshirt dandelion ranch

image via Dandelion Ranch

monark events and pure 7 studio

image via Monark Events and Pure 7 Studios

Today, I am thinking if this book…


…if you haven’t read Lone Survivor, I hope you will. You will be moved…and gain a new appreciation for those that give up so much to ensure our freedom.

Thank you, Marcus…

And The Winner…

…of the Carolyne Roehm books is…well, wait a minute! Commenter #10 (Margaret in Austin) is the winner…but her comment reads:

“I was one of the winners of "Flower Confidential" in the book giveaway on the Great Flower Lady’s blog last month, (thanks again, Tracy, great book!) so I would like to suggest you give these books to her!”

So…does that mean that Commenter #1 (Great Flower Lady) is actually the winner?! Let me know, Margaret, and thanks for keeping life interesting and fun!

Which Bouquet?

A 50 yr. old woman…celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary by renewing her vows with her husband in an intimate ceremony before friends and family…

Her Dress…

mother dress tadashi shoji

…antique (beige) off the shoulder lace gown by Tadashi Shoji…

The Bouquets…

Bouquet #1 (Flowerwild)

l&j_147 flowerwild

Bouquet #2 (Planet Flowers)

White Flowers - Hopetoun House - Planet Flowers (29)

Bouquet #3 (Krista Jon)

jules-bianchi-wedding-workshop71  krista jon

Which bouquet should she choose?

Don’t forget to check back this afternoon to see who wins the design book giveaway…

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Flower Walls

A friend mentioned recently that she will be building a flower wall for an upcoming wedding…which got me thinking…about all the possibilities…

5 Bella Flora

image via Bella Flora

10000 roses solomon bloemen

…10,000 roses…

image via Solomon Bloemen

4670280886_2b0820ab94_o florarama modern design

image via Florarama Modern Design

Coty image 3 sweet avalanche roses framed in mirror robbie honey flowers

…’Sweet Avalanche’ roses…

image via Robbie Honey 

DJ_booth preston bailey

…flower clad DJ booth…

image via Preston Bailey

object_d6_fs krislyn

image via Krista Jon

Gasping for air like I am?

Don’t forget to leave a comment here for a chance to win the 3 pc. Carolyne Roehm Notebook set. So glad you stopped by today! Hope your Thursday is fantastic…