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Purple Rush

Inspired by this scene…

9.JPG.scaled1000 sasha souza and mod wedding

image via Sasha Souza and Mod Wedding

…loving these…

02 michael george

image via Michael George

02 sonia events and caro photo

image via Sonia Events and Caro Photography

6a01127918a34b28a40147e34df349970b-800wi Loda Floral Designs

image via Loda Floral Design

166383_1790851249140_1175372466_2643174_3984339_n azalea designs

image via Azalea Floral Design 

4425487949_f2e1a681e3_o amy osaba

image via Amy Osaba

ACFA8FB stephanie fay photo

image via Stephanie Fay Photography

avi.13 jesse leake photo

image via Jesse Leake Photography

BanffSpringsSB2 orange girl photographs

image via Orange Girl Photographs

cdp_pwshoot2119cdp_pwshoot2119img_7554  designs by hemingway

image via Designs by Hemingway

BanffSpringsSB7 orange girl photographs

image via Orange Girl Photographs

Happy Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday: Part 2 (Even More Packaging Ideas)

For giftwrapping an arrangement…


image via Florali

For delivering boutonnieres…


image via Cashmere Designs


image via Clementine Posy


image via The Monkey Flower Group


image via Heavenly Blooms


image via Gilly Flowers


image via Lauryl Lane

For labeling bouquets…


image via Blush Floral Design


image via Springwell Gardens


image via Springwell Gardens


image via Springwell Gardens


image via Fleurie

For labeling boutonnieres…


image via Studio Choo


image via Peony and Plum

Please be sure to read Part 1 of this post below…and leave a comment for the Arizona designer who asks a great question…

Hope to see you back here tomorrow!

Working Designer Wednesday: More Packaging Ideas

First things first…today I have another reader question for you. I was thrilled (and grateful) that so many of you left thoughtful comments for our West Coast designer last week regarding interns. So this week, I have a question from an Arizona designer and hope some of you experienced designers can help her out…

“What do wedding and event florists do to keep their peak dates open for higher budget brides and not overbook on those peak days ? Do they require a certain minimum for peak season?  I am struggling with overbooking smaller ones and then missing out on the larger events.”

Thanks for your help! I know she’ll appreciate it…

Now, let’s look at some packaging ideas…from some very talented designers and growers…

For hand-tied carry-out bouquets…

florali12image via Florali

IMG_3200 wild acreimage via Wild Acre Flowers

tumblr_lg4591XrEK1qzpfcio1_250 its mary ruffleimage via It’s Mary Ruffle

For delivering wedding bouquets…

Picture 002 springwell gardenimage via Springwell Gardens

ACF4064 di bezi photoimage via Di Bezi Photography

alexceremony15 fleurs nycimage via Fleurs

jenderyHeatherRandy02 adorations and jen dery photoimage via Adorations and Jennifer Dery Photography

Sarah.Ken-703 punch portlandimage via Punch 

think studio houston4image via Think Studio

0036 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

Hope you’re feeling inspired! Don’t forget to leave a comment for our Arizona designer if you have some helpful advice. Wednesdays are becoming favorites of mine because I love hearing what you have to say about your experiences in this great business! I appreciate you all so much…

Happy Wednesday!

Simply Hydrangeas


7 michelle ragoimage via Michelle Rago Ltd

15 robbie honeyimage via Robbie Honey

1155 small mille fioriimage via Mille Fiori

36672_414312959659_78329639659_4317808_3901548_n stoneblossomimage via Stoneblossom

chair decor bella floraimage via Bella Flora

clipper 2 a simply chic eventimage via Simply Chic Events

holly chapple 17image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Jennifer_Wedding11 salt harbor designsimage via Salt Harbor Designs

phoca_thumb_l_nat_fw_tracy_4158 grace ormandimage via Grace Ormonde

slide_26pennington flowersimage via Pennington Flowers

Alone…that’s my favorite way to design with hydrangeas. What about you? Do you prefer hydrangeas mixed with other flowers or used alone en masse?

Today’s off to a much better start for me simply because I was able to share a few flowers with you this morning. Always better to start a day without massive frustration…thank you Live Writer.

Have a great Tuesday!