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Dusty Miller

Get ready, friends! Dusty Miller is one of my favorites…which means I have a rather long post for you today…

2007 10 11 025 image via Bliss Flower Studio

1 sharla flock designsimage via Sharla Flock Designs

freesia dallas4image via Freesia

grayyellowgreen small stump blogpotimage via Studio Choo

57 JL Designs and Sweet and Saucyimage via JL Designs and Sweet and Saucy

-0100-765782 flourish designs.comimage via Flourish Designs

281 sweet and saucyimage via Sweet and Saucy

500days_110 lauryl laneimage via Lauryl Lane

0929 the treasured petalimage via The Treasured Petal

20312katharina stuartimage via Katharina Stuart

5036523099_96e4724a4c_b hana floral designimage via Hana Floral Design and Steve Depino Photography

5075451863_9a0c2f419d_z amy osabaimage via Amy Osaba

5472359282_1deda6307c honey and poppiesimage via Honey and Poppies

20100409033 floral verdeimage via Floral Verde

ACFDFE5 Lisa Lefkowitz Photography and Ariella Chezarimage via Ariella Chezar and Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

arr 3blush floral designimage via Blush Floral Design

cakestand blush floral designimage via Blush Floral Design

coral charm peony, dusty miller and silver brunia holly chappleimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

datura1image via Datura

DSC_0018 small stump blogspotimage via Studio Choo

duet designsimage via Duet

dusty miller, silver berry, silver wire, crystals, feathers  holly chappleimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

FIL215_wm fleirologyimage via Fleurology

floral_01 quatre coeurimage via Quatre Coeur

flower kiss the groomimage via Kiss the Groom

Green Wedding Shoes Purple Flower Bouquet by Enchanted Florist and Bella Weddingsimage via Enchanted Florist and Bella Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes

img_1449 the nicholsimage via The Nichols

IMG_6605 art with natureimage via Art with Nature

IMG_8915_wm fleurologyimage via Fleurology

img_9644-copy aria style and yk visionimage via Aria Style and YK Vision

marthametallics11 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

ODH_810-1 mondo floral designsimage via Mondo Floral Design

Recently-Updated19-1024x682 floret cadetimage via Floret Cadet

SANY0186 quatre coeurimage via Quatre Coeur

05 michael george image via Michael George

Any other dusty miller lovers? Do you prefer it with pastels or brights? I usually think of it being paired with muted tones, but I love the shocking contrast with orange in the Duet design.

On a side note, did you see this photo? Chinese ranunculus on the left and Japanese ranunculus on the right…wow!

chinese ran. (left) japanese ran. (rt) japan bloomimage via Japan Bloom

Have a great Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

I have a “mixed bag” of topics for you today. Sometimes we just have to do a little catching up and miscellaneous business, you know?

So first off, I ran across this picture today…know what it is?

yard 005

It’s the awful dark picture of Brazilian Verbena in my front yard…that I doctored…and it eventually looked like this…

yard 005retouched

Look familiar now? That’s right, it became my blog header! You can make almost anything into something with Adobe Photoshop…

Next, a follow up to the designer’s choice post on roses…

Holly Chapple likes a rose called ‘Combo’…and the Chapel Designers spotted it at Harvest during their NYC trip…

combo rose  Harvest via Flirty Fleursimage via Flirty Fleurs

The ‘Combo’ rose in a Holly Chapple bouquet…such a unique color…

holly chapple combo roseimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Another incredible rose Holly picked up on the trip…called R Sil Finess…

r sil finess rose via flirty fleursimage via Flirty Fleurs

And look how Holly used it in a bouquet…isn’t she amazing?

holly chapple bouquetimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

If you want to see more rose varieties from the Chapel Designers trip, check out Alicia’s post at Flirty Fleurs!

Von from My Fleur Journey mentioned these as her favorites…


amnesiaROSEELITEINC[1]image via Rose Elite

‘Vintage Silk’ spray rose

vintage silk spray rose japan bloomimage via Japan Bloom

‘Porcelina’ spray roses

porcelina spray rose the flower potimage via The Flower Pot

‘Majolika’  spray rose (pink)


In other news…

Love Liz’s new business cards…

fleurology card

fleurology card backimage via Fleurology

By the way, look at Liz talking to Martha Stewart during the Chapel Designers’ trip to the show’s taping…she secured a tour of the MS corporate offices for her fellow designers with her charming personality!liz talking to marthaimage via Flirty Fleurs

I think these rubber-stamped tags are so chic…

IMG_2491 wild acre tags using stampimage via Wild Acre Designs

Always love a letterpress card…

studio olivineimage via Jessica Hill Photography and Studio Olivine

Great idea for a portfolio…

IMG_0527 portfolio florist in the forest

IMG_0531 portfolio florist in the forestimages via Florist in the Forest

The moment that makes all the hard work worthwhile…and keeps us addicted to the wedding “high”…

Talia Events and Cori Cook Floral Design cori presents bouquet…Cori Cook presents her bride with the bridal bouquet…

image via Cori Cook Floral Design

And, finally, the reason I’m taking some time off from the floral/wedding business…

3-2011 054

…to spend some time with my guys…since some of you have asked…

Thanks so much for stopping by today and know that you are appreciated! Botanical Brouhaha is my ‘flower fix’ while I stay home with my boys and each of you plays an important part in it…

Happy Wednesday!

Bells Of Ireland

I still remember the first time I saw Bells of Ireland growing in a field in New Ulm, Texas. I loved the apple green color and the distinctive shape…still do!

158 sweet and saucyimage via Sweet and Saucy

5th-centerpiece-2 jacqueline ahneimage via Jacqueline Ahne

402 missy photoimage via Missy Photography

200904210123 floral verdeimage via Floral Verde

floral design by jacqueline ahneimage Jacqueline Ahne

Grand_opening_008 rosetree wacoimage via Rosetree Floral Design Studio

green hydrangea pew markers erin volanteimage via Erin Volante Floral

hilary miles flowers8image via Hilary Miles Flowers

holly chapple 8image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

I_1817-1 allison eventsimage via Alison Events

isari flower studio 5image via Isari Flower Studio

Meg_Rahul-10341 soulflowerimage via Soulflower

sweet-saucy-j-star jasmine star grace ormondeimage via Sweet and Saucy and Jasmine Star Photography

How do you feel about Bells of Ireland?

Welcome to a brand new week!