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Heavenly Hyacinth

4285597368_8734dcdfd3_o inspiration   photographyimage via Gabrielle Loves

Nothing is more wonderful than spreading bunches of hyacinth blooms on the work table …

tumblr_kzn1lseCmh1qb3edao1_500 its mary ruffleimage via It’s Mary Ruffle

…in preparation for creating an arrangement…

03 michael georgeimage via Michael George

hyacinth empty vase

…send this one to a friend…from Empty Vase

”Beautiful violet Dutch hyacinth and fresh green grass arranged in our new line of decorative French boxes” – $169.00

image via Empty Vase

ODH_832-1 mondo floral designsimage via Mondo Floral Designs

pic27 Paul Hawkins Flowersimage via Paul Hawkins Flowers

ptmk-0454 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

Hyacinth florets are great for stringing into fragrant strands…

hilary miles flowersimage via Hilary Miles Flowers

isari flower studio3image via Isari Flower Studio

solomon bloemen11image via Solomon Bloemen

hilary miles flowers3image via Hilary Miles Flowers

jacqueline ahneimage via Jacqueline Ahne

Love hyacinth as much as I do?

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

Which Bouquet?

The Dress…

wedding dress bhldn anthropologie

…the Pleated Fantasy Gown from BHLDN by Anthropologie…

"Imagine appearing at the top of the aisle in countless bias-cut pleats. Dancing for hours in a near-weightless cloud of cotton-silk. Dashing out the door, with just a bit of train trailing behind you.”

The Bouquets…

Bouquet #1

20100326186 floral verdeimage via Floral Verde

Bouquet #2

IMG_6588 art with natureimage via Art With Nature

Bouquet #3

F_ON_08_Robbie_Honey_1 wedding magazine UKimage via Robbie Honey

Which would you choose?

Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. Last week most of you chose this bouquet from Jessica’s Country Flowers


for this dress…



…for my friend, Alicia, over at Bella Fiori…who “has a thing for clematis lately”…

(clematis, parrot tulips, and kale), fierce purples (vanda orchids, hydrangeas, and delphiniums), and vibrant plums (gladiolus, mini calla lilies, tulips, and hellebores martha stewartimage via Martha Stewart

09_002 floraliimage via Florali

clematis1 petalenaimage via Petalena

DSC_0037 small stunp blogspotimage via Studio Choo

dsc_0659 clematis petalenaimage via Petalena

IMG_5127 little phesantimage via Denise Fasanello

solomon bloemen17image via Solomon Boemen

6a0120a5914b9b970c0133f183fdce970b-800w  floraliiimage via Florali

Have a great day, Alicia!

Alicia writes two blogs…Bella Fiori and Flirty Fleurs…check them out when you have a minute. Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday: Wrapping A Carry-Out Bouquet

For those of you with retail spaces…and for those of us who like to give a gift bouquet occasionally…

Rather than the predictable cellophane or wax tissue paper wrap, how about one of these chic wraps?

6a00d83451be3369e2013484ac6596970c-500wi  heather bullardimage via Heather Bullard

164_IMG_0870aileenkeith_millie millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

Eclectic_Rose_Bouquet wild at heartimage via Wild at Heart

hilary miles flowers12image via Hilary Miles Flowers

hilary miles flowers16image via Hilary Miles Flowers

martha-flower-wrappingimage via Martha Stewart

Do you offer wrapped bouquets to your customers? How do you wrap them?

Ok, guys, here’s a little disclaimer…my computer went kaput yesterday and so my husband ran to Best Buy, bought me a new one, transferred all my files over and I’m writing on the new computer. Most people would be thrilled to say goodbye to a laptop with two missing keys (casualties of the dog’s paws), various snack food crumbs lodged under the space bar and a battery that holds a charge for exactly 4 minutes….but, no! I’m mourning the loss in a big way. The new computer has keys in slightly different places, updated blogging software (so nothing is in the same place) and it’s missing my FONT! I have no idea how this post will look when I post it, so please be patient with me as I learn how to use this silly thing!

Have a great Wednesday!

Color Inspiration: White on White

I really want white slipcovers…

stillslocaties room seventeenimage via Room Seventeen

Since I don’t really see them in my future, we’ll look at white flowers instead…

_MG_5195 copy eaimage via Ea

6a0120a5914b9b970c0133ec5eeacf970b-800wi ostrich egg vase floraliimage via Florali (yes, that’s an ostrich shell)

24-07-10-71 mondo floral au    image via Mondo Floral Design

0637_100320_0249 tantawanimage via Tantawan Bloom

20100807-007_2460 Harvey Designsimage via Harvey Designs

afterceremony2 stephanie fay photoimage via Stephanie Fay Photography

100416batjac1384 tantawanimage via Tantawan Bloom

amie-bouquet-e1276891896226 the flower lab]image via The Flower Lab

anny heid flowersimage via Anny Heid Flowers

aok_0013 w. scott chester photoimage via W. Scott Chester Photography

b42 simply bloom photoimage via Simply Bloom Photography

bouquet_gallary_img3 garden on the squareimage via Garden on the Square

c09684aaf3d814266a60fe6a5c7a5f85 boutwell studio and JL Designimage via Boutwell Studio and JL Designs

fabric_08 quatre coeurimage via Quatre Coeur

Formula_One_Party_007 wild at heartimage via Wild at Heart

fully hand wired with white majolica and white spray roses  michelle ragoimage via Michelle Rago Ltd

img_5404-1-copyb blum image via Yasmin Khajavi Photography and Blum

j262 pure 7 studios image via Pure 7 Studios

joannabrian26 JL Designs and Sweet and Saucyimage via JL Designs and Sweet and Saucy

katherine40 nikki's cakes and salt harbor designsimage via Salt Harbor Designs and Nicki’s Cakes

Happy Tuesday!