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Design Inspiration: Outdoor Spaces

Since Spring is approaching and I am dying to get outside, I thought we’d head outdoors today…virtually speaking, of course.

6a00e554d7b82788330134888a1353970c-500wi velvet and linen…always love a gravel courtyard…

image via Velvet and Linen

11 two ellie…really want this neat little patch of grass to mow…

image via Two Ellie 

30theak9 studio g80theak16 studio g…really? amazing…

image via Studio G

65634_0_8-7435-eclectic- studio g…this space really appeals to me because my house is grey wood with white trim…perfect for a cookout with plenty of seating for friends…

image via Studio G

1064702 quintessentially b blog…amazing lighting and a perfect go-barefoot lawn…

image via Quintessentially B

29750023 lane dittoe…always drawn to a pop of color against a white background and a perfectly trimmed hedge…

image via Lane Dittoe

atlanta homes and lifestylees heidi claire…love this driveway…and look what’s in back…

atlanta homes and life heidi claore…a perfectly private place to take a dip…

image via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles and Heidi Claire

asia-garden-armchair-umbrella studio g…adore the way the greens pop against the horizontal dark-stained fence…

image via Studio G

ban66_thumb[3] Hanham Court Cote de Texas…not a feasible look in Central Texas, but I love it nonetheless…

image via Cote de Texas

david duncan livingston and heidi claire…oh, my…look at the detail and foliage on the front of this house…and the motor court…love…

image via Heidi Claire

diarmuid-gavin-2 studio g…so interesting…

image via Studio G

DSC_7410 copy…great fire pit…love the drum light (?)…or is that to catch the smoke? I think this photo is from Alys Beach

estates-greystone-great-house-55-0309_LG veranda…such a soothing color palette…one of my favorites…

image via Veranda

forasstudio studio g…someday I will have this yard…everything in it’s place…

image via Studio G

gardens_004 the designers' co-op…the coolest driveway…

image via The Designers’ Co-Op

gt059_paintpots01_xl martha stewart…this turquoise blue always reminds me of France and Santa Fe…

image via Martha Stewart

image_thumb[12] cote de texas…I’m drawn to smaller spaces…love the picket fence and the courtyard being right on the street…can imagine neighbors waving as they walk by…

image via Cote De Texas

IMG_3704 milk and honey home…the perfect pool…

image via Milk and Honey Home

img_tree-houselg_1 studio g…even adults would be giddy over this tree house…

image via Studio G

Picture-107 studio g…look closely at the flooring here…smooth rocks laid in a pattern…beautiful horizontal fence…and another favorite of mine…steel doors…

image via Studio G

tumblr_l3v4a1euP21qbhlcro1_400 tiny white daisies…anyone know where this house is? I want it…

image via Tiny White Daisies

tumblr_kozklnLEU91qzpfcio1_400 its mary ruffle       …garden shed? artist studio? guest cottage? We all need one…

image via It’s Mary Ruffle

ver-Saladino-0110-11-lg veranda…sweet and beautiful…

image via Veranda

tumblr_l74rn10xyd1qade2fo1_400 gingerella…love the fence and the colorful pillows…such a happy space…

image via Gingerella

I have a dilemma every spring. I can’t wait to get outside and begin working in the yard. I look at these photos for inspiration, but they only confuse me! I love them all. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the gardens with gravel underfoot, casual furnishings and colorful accents. I love the formality of the gardens with definite borders and plants in straight lines. I love the modern aesthetic of the gardens with plenty of  hardscape, chic lighting and neatly manicured patches of grass. Anyone else experience the Spring Frustration Blues?

What’s your preference in garden design? 


Which Bouquet?

Changing it up a bit today…

The Bridesmaid’s Dress

anthro pangaea silk dress

anthro …the Pangaea Silk Dress from Anthropologie…spiral topped mesh with a silk bodice…

The Bouquets…

Bouquet #1

IMG_9549 DIRT Flowersimage via DIRT 

Bouquet #2

image via Floral Verde

Bouquet #3

ryan-ray-dallas-wedding-photographer4 ruffledimage via Ruffled

 Which would you choose?

Last week, this bouquet won…


…for this dress…


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Monday with more flowers!

Note: Be sure to check out ‘Which Bouquet?’ next week…it’s going to be fun…another ‘real’ bride needs our help!



Charming Cakes

Many of these cakes have beautiful fresh flowers on them…others are sans fresh flowers. I love both looks and can’t help but share the ‘flowerless’ cakes as well as the ‘flowered’ ones…

6a0120a5914b9b970c013487f7d674970c-800wi floraliimage via Florali

13 sweet and saucyimage via Sweet and Saucy

24 hoffmann photo   image via Hoffmann Photography

28 genevieve leiper photoimage via Genevieve Leiper Photography

134 sweet and saucy image via Sweet and Saucy

460 blush floral design her own weddingimage via Blush Floral Design

36410_1502524892649_1520023314_31274540_7587659_n blooms by martha andrews and stout photoimage via Blooms by Martha Andrews and Stout Photography

ACF777 our labor of love by heidi  image via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

an0139 erin volante floralimage via Erin Volante Floral

EmTed48 millie holloman photoimage via Millie Holloman Photography

I_1145 Salt Harbor Designsimage via Salt Harbor Designs

pink-yellow-gumpaste-sugar-flowers-yellow-wedding-cake-pink-cake-stand.jpg-580x435 the sweetest occasion and cakewalkimage via The Sweetest Occasion

renata_spence_333 justin marantz photoimage via Justin & Mary Marantz Photography

I_1919 Laurie Aronsimage via Laurie Arons 

jessjeff38 millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

JR1029-F026 viera photoimage via Viera Photographics

kristinbrigham39 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

LAC_1586-3 kate osborne photoimage via Kate Osborne Photography

lasvirgeneswedding23 hazelnut photoimage via Hazelnut Photography

image via SMS Photography

ll.6 jesse leake photoimage via Jesse Leake Photo 

lnjs285-761845 flourish designs.comimage via Flourish

lovebirds1028 kiss the groomimage via Kiss the Groom

MG_52291 samuel lippke studioimage via Samuel Lippke Studio

mn22 adrienne gunde photoimage via Adrienne Gunde Photography

Picture-12 panacea flowersimage via Panacea Flowers

   Any favorites?

Happy Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday: Documents

I’ve had several designers email me asking how to write a contract for wedding flowers. Today I’m going to share with you all the documents I used to create a bride’s file. I have to be honest…I’m feeling a little vulnerable. Isn’t that silly? But, really, I’m putting my “business self” on the web for everyone to see and critique. Anyway, here’s the system that worked for me.

Because I’m also a dental hygienist, my bridal folders looked a lot like dental charts! The necessity to have every conversation and decision documented carried over from my patient relationships to my bridal relationships. I’m sure the recording of minute details appears a bit unnecessary, but it was very helpful. Any of my designers could pick up the folder and find design instructions, timeline information for delivery, information on other vendors involved in the wedding and names of the bridal party…which saved time when the schedule got hectic. Each bride and groom got a folder containing the following documents. We put their names and wedding date on the front of the folder.

Wedding Flower Worksheet



Wedding Information Sheet




Additional Notes (for recording notes on each conversation with the bride after the initial consultation)




The contract was printed on handmade paper because I always think presentation is important. I hope these documents will be helpful if you’re looking for ideas. I found some of them and adapted them to my needs and created others out of necessity. You are welcome to copy them, change them, use them…whatever is helpful to you. And, as usual, if you are a floral designer and want to share any of your own documents, feel free to email me and I’ll share with our readers.

You probably noticed that one document is missing…the Wedding Flower Estimate. I’m saving it for another post…stay tuned…

Have a great Wednesday…and because we can’t have an entire post without a flower picture…

ACF9344 w scott chester photoimage via W. Scott Chester Photography


Ranunculus Part 2

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy…I’ve got lots of ranunculus to share with you! Today we’ll look at ranunculus in mixed bouquets…

18 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

199adad4aaadc433bd8a48d48e54c2d9 Boutwell Studioimage via Boutwell Studio

2078-550 designs by ahnimage via Designs by Ahn

156508_169476046420454_158679097500149_363489_6465570_n sarah winward flowersimage via Ea

4819231118_0787d5a0f5_b amy osabaimage via Amy Osaba

ACF5A7C stephanie fay photoimage via Stephanie Fay Photography

blog -0011 marlin munoz photoimage via Marlin Munoz Photography

cornaglia00122 style me pretty and blush floralimage via Blush Floral Design and Style Me Pretty

def midori ribbon.comimage via Midori

5076252818_dfcfc64747_z amy osabaimage via Amy Osaba

detail blush floral designimage via Blush Floral Design

DSC02680 small stump blogspotimage via Studio Choo

DSC_0163 altlier joyaimage via Atelier Joya

elizabeth-messina-wedding-18 style me prettyimage via Style Me Pretty

floral_03 quatre coeurimage via Quatre Coeur

IMG_0411 Ea, Sarah winwardimage via Ea

IMG_1445 hummingbird blogimage via Hummingbird

krystal-jonathan-15 missy photpimage via Missy Photography

saipua_christmas saipuaimage via Saipua

tiny white daisiesimage via Tiny White Daisies

5186659943_50df67162b_z (1) saipuaimage via Saipua

DSC_0010 small stump blogspot wimage via Studio Choo

kungpow_0005 w scott chester photoimage via W. Scott Chester Photography

EmptyVase image via Empty Vase

fleurology ad (1)image via Fleurology

blog-07 marlin munoz photoimage via Marlin Munoz Photography

holly chapple flowers and the bride's cafeimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and The Bride’s Cafe

DSC_1555_wm fleurologyimage via Fleurology

rebecca honeywell photoimage via Rebecca Honeywell Photography

cake topper soulflowerimage via Soulflower (this is a cake topper)

the daily petal7image via The Daily Petal

kateosbornephotography-8400image via Kate Osborne Photography

holly chappleimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

blush custom floralimage via Blush Custom Floral

blush custom floral 2image via Blush Custom Floral

Sorry for such a long post, but I bet you got a feel for how much I like ranunculus…

Here’s where we need some of you experienced florists to speak up. Yesterday, Von from My Fleur Journey left this comment, “I do think ranunculus are awfully sweet, but I am really frustrated with them!! Wanna ask you experienced florists out there, what is the proper way to condition them? I had such a hard time getting them to open to its full as the stems bent after 1 or 2 days for some reason…advice much appreciated!”

Anyone want to give some advice to Von? I always cut the stems with a knife, dip in Quick Dip and place directly in preservative at room temperature. I leave them out of the cooler to allow them to open and usually get them about 2 days before an event. Once they’re in an arrangement, you probably want to place it in a cooler.  Now, let’s hear what the rest of my florist friends do to condition ranunculus…don’t be shy!

Happy Tuesday!