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Favorite Cakes

I really don’t know how anyone chooses just one wedding cake…

floatawaystudiosmammoth float away studiosimage via Float Away Studios

ACF14BA our labor of love by heidiimage via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

ACF4C5 lisa lefkowitzimage via Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

b115 simply bloom photoimage via Simply Bloom Photography

29 sweet and saucyimage via Sweet and Saucy

31251_1451679261540_1520023314_31135934_5262160_n blooms by martha andrewsimage via Blooms by Martha Andrews and Stout Photography

4864779252_ae933df153_o bonnie tsang photoimage via Bonnie Tsang Photography

ACF1AC our labor of love by heidiimage via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

hoffmann photoimage via Hoffmann Photography

271 sweet and saucyimage via Sweet and Saucy

3697951353_f81d7d7d7a branching out eventsimage via Branching Out Events

buttoncandy_weddingcake1 dog n' bird artful weddingimage via Dog N’ Bird Artful Wedding

ghjgkj flowers on marsimage via Flowers On Mars 

Which one would you choose?

Of course I love them all because I picked them, but that blue paisley is speaking to me! Hope you have a great Thursday…

Balsa Wood Flowers

One of my favorite floral designers, the ultra talented Carissa of JL Designs, provided my first glimpse of balsa wood flower bouquets. Carissa’s clever use of these flowers will play tricks on you…I swear you’ll think they’re fresh! See for yourself…

joannabrian1 JL Designs

joannabrian6 JL Designs

jodienathan3 JL Design

joannabrian3 JL Designs

holidaypop-up18 JL Designs all images via JL Designs

Before long, I began to see balsa wood flowers pop up in other places…

22 cori cook floral design     image via Cori Cook Floral Design

4319154681_4d6344b39b lauryl laneimage via Jasmine Star Photography

What do you think? I can think of so many advantages to using balsa wood flowers in wedding work. Assuming you’re not combining them with perishables, you could begin designing much earlier and forego the stress of worrying about ethylene damage or wilting. The bridal party would have an everlasting keepsake to remember the occasion. The downside: limited color palette and flower shape…

I’m a huge fan after seeing these beautiful designs!

As always, I love it when you visit the Brouhaha. Have a great Wednesday…

Wreath Wonderful


n. flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

newbywedding431 erin volante floralimage via Erin Volante Floral and Event Design

WedGallery_LG_13 rountree flowersimage via Rountree Flowers

6a01127918a34b28a40133f22b2aee970b-800wi  Holly Chapple flowersimage via Holly Chapple Flowers

white-wreaths-at-entrance-detail-2-Zenith-Vineyard-Françoise-Weeksimage via Francoise Weeks

6a01127918a34b28a40134854a2331970c-800wi Nancy Lui Chinimage via Nancy Liu Chin Designs

ACFBA5 lisa lefkowitzimage via Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

Funeral Wreath 010 amanda sharp floral designFuneral Wreath 008 amanda sharp floral design   image via Amanda Sharp Floral Design

jb.17 jesse leake photoimage via Jesse Leake Photo

jessjeff27 millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

tumblr_l2ibf2YjRk1qbo2b6o1_400 tiny white daisiesimage via Tiny White Daisies

Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by today!

Alternatives To A Round Bouquet

For those brides who prefer something other than a hand-tied round bouquet…

0004 datura …hanging amaranthus studded with orchid blooms creates a slight variation on the round bouquet…

image via Datura

a82 pure 7 studios…orchids trailing from a round rose bouquet…in a monochromatic palette…striking…

image via Pure 7 Studios

ACF19F our labor of love by hwidi…a groom holds his bride’s arm bouquet of peonies…romantic…

image via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

bouquet2 michael daigian …love the absence of greenery in this teardrop cascading bouquet…

image via Michael Daigian Design

bouquet21 beautiful blooms…you’ve seen this one on the Brouhaha before, but it’s worth seeing again…impressive workmanship…

image via Beautiful Blooms

jagstudios-0140 datura…here’s a twist…greenery takes center stage creating a curling ribbon effect…never seen anything quite like it…amazing creativity…

image via Datura and Jag Studios

Lav-0131 beautiful blooms (lavender)…linear flowers change the look of a hand-tied bouquet…calming lavender seems a perfect choice for the wedding day…

image via Beautiful Blooms

MalibuBeachHouse-10 hazelnut photo…the freshly-gathered look and slightly larger scale make this bouquet unique…

image via Hazelnut Photography

wm196 pure 7 studios…strands of bear grass sprinkled with orchid blooms add movement to a round bouquet…

image via Pure 7 Studios

Would you prefer one of the unique shapes pictured above or would you prefer a round bouquet…

6a010535ded4be970c0134863df9a4970c-800wi   just bloomedimage via Just Bloomed

Don’t be shy…I would love to know your preference!

Have a great weekend…