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Mixed Bouquets

For some reason mixed bouquets always make me crazy with anxiety when I’m asked to create one. Monochromatic bouquets come easy…bouquets in varying, but tight, palettes come easy…but getting a bouquet with many flower varieties and colors “just right” usually escapes me.  So…when I see a perfect (in my opinion) mixed bouquet, it’s a beautiful thing!

164820_TnBOFGfTfFJ2msmwSrwLq01Qz savage rose image via Savage Rose

SM_blogtemplate_vertical1.inddimage via Sweet Monday Photography

  image via Paul Johnson Photography

kb0237 bella fioriimage via Bella Fiori

sarahrick809162 jessamyn harris photographyimage via Jessamyn Harris Photography

  I am seriously impressed with these bouquets…such talent! I did notice one thing while writing this post…none of these bouquets have “filler” flowers…only high quality flowers with interesting textures…peonies, billy balls, zinnias, gomphrena, orchids, hydrangeas, callas, tulips, lisianthus…no wonder I love them…I hate filler!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend…hope you all get a three day weekend…you deserve it!

Favorite Wedding Cakes

…some with fresh flowers, some without…

8fa3356dc24c9e219d6bb41dc0226814 boutwellimage via Boutwell Studio

34 simply blom photoimage via Simply Bloom Photography

155_CJDustin_Wayfarers_Wedding Meg Perottiimage via Meg Perotti Photography210 sweet and saucy sugar orchid!!…I think this orchid is made of sugar, but I still can’t believe it! 

image via Sweet and Saucy

ACF2789 Lisa Lefkowitz Photographyimage via Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

cake_blog art with natureimage via Art With Nature

carissabrian52 JL Designs (her very own wedding)image via JL Designs

CNH_4291 mondo auimage via Mondo Floral Designs

mc02 jennifer dery photographyimage via Jennifer Dery Photography

stella-mares-wedding-pictures_43m amanda raeimage via Amanda Rae Photography

  Which is your favorite? I’m really glad I’m already married because I don’t think I could choose just one wedding cake or one bridal bouquet or one wedding theme or one color palette! I see dozens of each that I am truly taken by every day while writing this blog. So many creative wedding vendors…so many talented photographers to capture their creations!


A Floral Boutique

I’m loving Coriander Girl, a floral boutique in Toronto…owned and operated by Alison Westlake. From the charming storefront…

theshop_(01) coriander girl …to the shop retail space…I love every part.

theshop_(02) coriander girl

Alison created a dream of a workspace…couldn’t you get in touch with your floral creativity here?

theshop_(03) coriander girl Just look at what she creates in her shop…

flowers_(04) coriander…and check out the gift card! Wouldn’t you be thrilled to receive a delivery from Coriander Girl?

DSC_6952.JPG coriander girl  Here’s to you, Alison!

theshop_(17) You’ve created a beautiful boutique and I wish I lived closer to Toronto…

Still Crazy For Callas

…after all this time!

05_ivBQlouloudiimage via Louloudi

017image via Mi Belle Wedding Photography

briancookwedding1 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

calla_bouquet_blog sproutflowers frederickburgimage via Sprout Flowers

hollywood-wedding-photo-16 caroline tranimage via Caroline Tran Photography

lol-5 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

o204085519 modern day floralimage via Modern Day Floral

w8381440022 julie mikos photoimage via Julie Mikos Photography

yvonne design1image via Yvonne Design

I hope you all don’t get tired of seeing callas at the Brouhaha (I know you don’t, Janice)…I just can’t help myself! Callas are just so architectural, sophisticated and modern…I’m smitten…

What’s your favorite color of Calla? Pure white, sunset orange, bi-color purple and white, melon, rose, aubergine? I can’t choose. I love them all!

Have a great Tuesday…