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…that’s what I am over these images! Only a few can marry floral design and art with this level of perfection, in my opinion…


…and Krislyn happens to be one of the few!

about_krislyn Krislyn Meyer-Komarov


DSC_0013_2_fs krislyn

…callas and moss arranged with an artist’s eye…


…pink vanda orchids and kiwi vine…love the vase accessory!

If you have time this weekend, grab a cup of coffee and browse Krislyn’s website. It will save you a trip to the museum…

Can’t wait to join you all again on Monday with more flowers!

Forget The Car, Give Me Flowers

It’s pretty gloomy here today and my morning got off to a great start with the ‘Check Engine’ light coming on while I was taking the kids to school. Let’s just say I wasn’t smiling when I got back to my desk…until I opened up these photos! You just can’t look at these fun, happy shots from Fuller Edge and not smile…

upimage_1250975349_877fuller edge

Look at that Reserved card! And the pink fan! And the hanging pomanders and the modern shot of the bouquet on the WHITE leather sofa (see my post from yesterday for more on my love of white) and  the locket and…

upimage_1250975711_929fuller edge

…the paper lanterns in shades of kiwi, raspberry and cherry blossom…

Thank you Fuller Edge for cheering me up today! Maybe I should take a couple of your photos along when I get the bill for the engine repair this afternoon…

Hope you all have a great weekend… with lots of sunshine and cars that run!

White on White

I’m known amongst my friends for my love of white. “Her favorite color is white,” they say with a roll of the eyes. “How can you have an all white house with boys?” they ask in amazement. (Slipcovers!) “But white isn’t even a color!” they say. When it comes to wedding flowers, white done right makes my heart flutter…

3a-2details details I also love repetition…which, I think,  makes a strong, beautiful statement.

(image via Details Details)


Recognize this beautiful bride with her Vera Wang gown and bouquet of stephanotis and gardenias? Ivanka Trump, of course!

(image via Brides)

wed_joseph_bridal_l robbir honey anthurium Love the collar of anthurium on this rose bouquet…so unique!

(image via Robbie Honey)

mv1024details details

And finally, the reception of my dreams. The draping and light fixtures are to die for and the centerpieces…oh, the centerpieces…makes me want to get a second job and get married again!

(image via Details Details)

Anyone else like white on white…or do most of you prefer color?

Some Like It Hot…

Spicy…that’s how I’d describe this wedding…

DSC_0025 edit

The bride chose orange parrot tulips, peach hypericum berries, ‘Spicy’ roses, ‘Milva’ roses and poppy pods for her bouquet…

DSC_0058 crop

…and had the handle wrapped with Midori ’Summer’ plaid dupioni silk ribbon with ‘Mandarin’ double-faced satin streaming ribbons.

I do love those ‘Spicy’ roses…you can really see their bi-color in the close-up shot.

Hey, we’re halfway to the weekend! Time flies when you’re having fun…

Hanging Blooms

 I’ve always had a thing for flowers used in architectural ways…


…like these roses threaded with such precision from largest to smallest bud in arrangements from Simply Blooms



…and  this curtain of flowers framing a boutique entrance by Robbie Honey

par_hermes_curtain_lrobbie honey


…or this curtain of carnations serving as a floral wall  in an event lounge area by Wild at Heart

Cap-Ferat-086_lg wild at heart

 Stringing flowers on filament is really quite fun and therapeutic…just tie a knot at one end and start threading on the blooms. I usually use an upholstery needle and choose the needle size based on size and fragility of the flowers. Roses, carnations, berries, mums, hyacinth blooms and orchids are easy to use and last a while. Anyone tried stringing another type of flower with success?