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Garden Wedding in Spring

Farrar Wedding 03-08 019edit

When I received a call from this sweet bride, we connected immediately. She is a dentist and I am a dental hygienist. However, on March 29th, she became the bride and I was the floral designer! She chose garden elements for her outdoor wedding at The Greenbranch. Tiffany blue and white were chosen as her main color palette with deep pink acting as an accent.

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Whitewashed clay pots filled with flowers lined the aisle and served as centerpieces at the reception.






Farrar Wedding 03-08 007edit

 Miniature whitewashed clay pots held votive candles. Centerpieces consisted of white hydrangeas, ‘Attaché’ roses, fuchsia gerberas and bear grass.

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Bridesmaids carried hand-tied bouquets of fuchsia gerberas and bear grass loops.



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‘Attaché’ roses, ‘Mimi Eden’ spray roses,  fuchsia dianthus and pink tulips graced the corners of the wedding cake created by Cinderella Stories.

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A turquoise ball jar was used to display the tossing bouquet which was wrapped with Midori double-faced satin ribbon in ‘Peony’.






Thanks to Emily, Jenny, Janice, Kit and Kelli for your beautiful work and amazing assistance on this wedding!   


Summer in Taos


I love gardens planted by real people. Don’t get me wrong, I also love gardens planned and maintained to perfection by professional landscape designers. But, there’s something about a garden planted over time by a home gardener that speaks love to me. The way the garden seems to always be evolving as time allows, the slight imperfections in the design, the obvious effort taken to create the garden…all a testament to our love of getting our hands in the dirt.

A couple of summers ago we stayed in River’s Edge Guest House in Dixon, New Mexico. The quaint house sits at the edge of the Embudo River and you can hear the water rushing by as you sleep. The owners had taken care to create a lovely little rock garden in front and we enjoyed eating dinner on the front lawn each night. Succulents and ornamental grasses grew amongst alyssum, hollyhocks and lamb’s ear.


Several days we drove 20 minutes north to Taos and enjoyed relaxing strolls around town. I was especially taken by the gardens carved out of every nook and cranny outside shops and casitas.





Entertaining Enhancement

You know how some times of year (mostly Spring here in Texas) it seems everything is blooming and then other times there is not a bloom in sight? Why not enhance your landscape a bit if you are entertaining outdoors during the bloomless season?

Try soaking two Iglu foam holders in floral preservative and then wiring them back to back with the small branch of a shrub between them. Iglu holders are available in 2 sizes (regular or Grande) and can be purchased from a florist or online here.


IGLU Holder                                                                       Iglu foam holders


Add flowers to create “pseudo” blooms anytime of year. We used pale green hydrangeas, ‘Snowy Jewel’ roses, hypericum berries and wine colored cottage yarrow on the Yaupon branches, below.



Using the same idea, you can also try cutting a large branching limb from a small tree or shrub and cementing the limb in a planter or other deep container for use as a centerpiece. Make sure the container is deep enough to keep the limb from being top heavy. Fruit and moss can be helpful for disguising the cement base.


Flower Bracelet

Flower bracelets are fun to make and can save you money if you create them with materials you have at home. Just take a piece of florist wire and shape it to the size of your wrist. Leave the ends slightly long so you can form a loop at the end of the wire after threading the flowers on the wire. I use green or galvanized 20 gauge wire. You can buy this wire at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. Thread flower buds, foliage and ribbon pieces onto the wire. Bend the bracelet around your wrist and make a small loop with the wire at each end of the bracelet near your wrist. Tie a piece of ribbon onto each wire loop. Simply tie the bracelet onto the wrist!


I used ribbon remnants, lamb’s ear from the garden, ‘Kermit’ mums and spray rose buds to create this bracelet for a bridal shower.

Finishing Touch…The Vase

A couple of things I don’t care for in the flower business…baby’s breath as a filler and stock florist vases. In my mind, if a customer is willing to take the time to order a bouquet and pay a professional designer to create it, then he or she deserves an interesting vase. The vase is the finishing touch to a bouquet and can be the detail that says, “A lot of thought went into this bouquet made especially for you.”    


DSC_0003 (2)edit

I love this thick elliptical  glass vase from World Market. Submerged lily grass and callas add interest to the bouquet of ‘Terra Cotta’ roses, ‘Hawaii’ callas and hypericum berries. The mother who received this bouquet from her daughter will certainly be able to use this vase again.

My favorite vase hunting destinations? TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning and private estate sales.