Trough Flowers By Floral Art

trough: a long, narrow, generally shallow receptacle

Oh, how I wish I had one of these on my dining table…

FA45_2_2_700x700 succulent trough floral art

…succulent trough…white rock lined clear Lucite trough with succulent cuttings…$250

FA58_700x700 floral art …driftwood trough…a sculptural piece of driftwood on a bed of mood moss in a burl wood trough, accented with succulent cuttings…$300


FA76_1_700x700 floral art …autumn trough…a burl wood trough filled with a lush assortment of flowers in autumn tones accented with natural driftwood…$450

TTrough_2_700x700 floral art …zebra wood trough…a 36" Zebra trough filled with a lush assortment of antique green hydrangea, fresh pomegranates, raspberries, burnt orange calla lilies and ranunculus…$500

(all images and descriptions above via Floral Art)

Want to incorporate a trough arrangement into your wedding reception?

fireplace stoneblossom …wheat grass place card trough… one of my favorite photos…the  l-o-n-g   zinc trough, the wheat grass, the white palette…look at that fireplace!

(image via Stoneblossom)

Anyone else feel as giddy over these as I do?  I’m in love…

It’s Saturday! Hope you have a great day. We’re off to get our Christmas tree…

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