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BB Podcast Episode 14: Marco Groot

“That’s the floral industry. The world is so small and it’s all so connected. I love it.”

-Marco Groot

Image: Kristin Burke

Today we’re sitting down with Marco Groot, CEO of Hilverda De Boer USA to discuss:

  • his childhood growing up in Holland and the role flower farming played in his formative years
  • why he has a life-sized cutout image of Elvis in his office
  • why he decided to go the ‘trade’ route rather than the ‘farming’ route in the floral industry
  • how one summer changed the course of his life and landed him in the US
  • how the Dutch Flower Auction works
  • why it’s sometimes difficult for family farms to change hands from one generation to another
  • the Hilverda De Boer Webshop and mobile app (Just go to the app store on your device and search for ‘Hilverda De Boer B.V.’)
  • how Hilverda De Boer can aid designers in sourcing blooms for destination weddings
  • logistical details of flower deliveries
  • how he and his partners continue to grow the company with their clients in mind
  • what he looks for in a salesperson when hiring

Mentioned in Episode Fourteen:

Account Managers (L-R): Stephanie Evans, John Ford, and Jennifer Gouvatsos

Hilverda De Boer USA Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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BB Podcast Episode 13: Laetitia Mayor

 “I love the ‘wow’ when you’re done and you’ve decorated the place. It’s my drug.”

Laetitia Mayor

Laetitia Mayor | Abby Grace Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Laetitia Mayor, owner of Florésie based in Blanzy-lès-Fismes in Northern France to discuss:

  • her path from being an engineer in Switzerland to being a floral designer in a quaint french municipality of 100+ inhabitants
  • how blogging helped get her business off the ground
  • the important role workshops have played in her growth as a designer
  • the advantages her engineering background brings to her wedding/event business
  • her main marketing tool
  • Instagram strategies that have worked for her and helped build her business significantly in just 5 years
  • the value she finds in creating editorial work
  • how her personal garden functions as a resource for her floral design business
  • why she chose to open a private studio rather than a flower shop
  • the need that led her to begin teaching professionals
  • how she found a niche designing flowers for destination weddings
  • the story behind her creative retreats in the French countryside (see details of the next retreat below – and get a BB Podcast listeners discount!)


 D’Arcy Benincosa Fine Art Photography

Links mentioned in Episode Thirteen:

The Secret Garden creative retreat | Chikae O.H. Photography

Above: You might hear one of these little guys enter the room during our podcast interview 😉

Study with Laetitia:

  • Blossoms and Ceramique creative retreat: Stay at  Le Clos de la Robe while learning about floral design and tablescape styling with unique artisan’s pieces from Laetitia Mayor and Sarah Van Raden of Notary ceramics. SEE EXCLUSIVE BB PODCAST OFFER BELOW
  • Au Jardin de Florésie: annual workshop dedicated to wedding professionals, especially florists and stylists, wishing to better apprehend garden flowers, compositions and installations in a style both natural and refined, in the vein of the Fine movement Art.
  • 1:1 Flower Class: learn everything about Laetitia’s floral techniques, flowering weddings, floral photography, growing a cutting flowers garden, marketing, her approach to business, marketing, and the creation of a quote and project for a customer.

 Anna Tereshina Photography


Great news! Laetitia is offering a 10% discount to our podcast listeners who would like to attend the Blossoms and Ceramique creative retreat.

 DateApril 18-20th, 2018 

Location : Vandeuil, Champagne, France  –  Clos de la Robe

Speakers : Sarah Van Raden (Notary Ceramics) and Laetitia Mayor (Florésie), special guest and photographer of the retreat Chikae O.H.

Offer ends:  February 19th 2018. Please enter discount code: PODCAST. Space is limited to 10 students – only 3 seats left at this time, so grab one while you still can. Registration link to The Blossoms and Ceramique creative retreat: click here.

Laetitia Mayor Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Floresie |Rachael Ellen Events | Mary Claire Photography | Russell Alboroto Photography


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BB Podcast Episode 12: Fiona Pickles

“It’s very much about feeding my soul and making me happy.”

Fiona Pickles

Fiona Pickles | Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Today we’re sitting down with Fiona Pickles, owner of Firenza Floral Design based in West Yorkshire in the UK to discuss:

  • her unique talent related to event delivery
  • how she utilizes interns and freelancers in her business
  • the subject of some of her most popular Instagram posts
  • her proficient use of social media and why she appreciates it
  • how she grew her business into a business model that feeds her soul
  • her experience hosting past workshops and her plans for another Large Installation Workshop in 2018 (detail to be announced in the near future!)

Firenza Gathering Blossom Workshop | Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Links mentioned in Episode Twelve:

The Artist’s Granddaughter – An Editorial |  Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Links to Fiona’s Past Workshops:

Coming April 2018 – Fiona will be teaching at the Chapel Designers Scotland workshop in Glasgow.

Above: Firenza Large Installation Workshop 2017 | Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Fiona Pickles Links of Interest:

Website Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | One-to-One Training

Firenza Floral Design | Naomi Kenton Photography

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BB Podcast Episode 11: Maxine Owens

“You’re only as good as your last event.”

Maxine Owens

Today we’re sitting down with Maxine Owens, owner of The Southern Table in Dallas, Texas to discuss:

  • how her background in retail and science prepared her for opening a flower business
  • her thoughts on hiring, managing, encouraging, and keeping freelancers
  • how she structured her business to take summers off and refuel
  • her love of people and the joy she finds in teaching others
  • her collaboration with Type A Society for Claire Pettibone’s Four Seasons Campaign prior to NY Fashion Week
  • where she finds inspiration

The Southern Table | Charla Storey Photography

Links mentioned in Episode Eleven:

The Southern Table | Ben Q Photography

Maxine Owens Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

The Southern Table |   Lauren Peele Photography

The Southern Table | Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography | Claire Pettibone 


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BB Podcast Episode 10: Françoise Weeks

“When the desire to succeed becomes greater than the fear to fail, I move forward.”

Françoise Weeks

Françoise teaching in her Portland Oregan studio photo by Theresa Bear Photography

Françoise Weeks | Theresa Bear Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Françoise Weeks, owner of Françoise Weeks European Floral Design in Portland, Oregon to discuss:

  • her transition from substitute teacher and medical lab technician to floral couture artist
  • her wardrobe preferences (smile)
  • how she defines texture in floral design
  • the 45 year old childhood memory that ignited her journey into woodland floral designs
  • her segue into teaching floral design and taking her workshops on the road
  • what she wishes more designers had the courage to do
  • her new tutorial video series

Floral couture headpiece and botanical necklace by Francoise Weeks Photo by Alba Betancourt Model Sarah Meyer

Françoise Weeks | Alba Betancourt Photographer

Links mentioned in Episode Ten:

Botanical necklace by Françoise Weeks and Ted Mishima Photography

Françoise Weeks | Ted Mishima Photography

Some of Françoise’s Favorite Designers:

Botanical necklace on bride designed by Francoise Weeks Taken by Sarah Photography

Francoise Weeks | Taken by Sarah Photography

Flower girl with auburn hair wearing a botanical flower crown designed by Francoise Weeks Stephanie Jarstad Photography

Francoise Weeks | Stephanie Jarstad Photography

Francoise Weeks Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Video Tutorial Series


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