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BB Podcast Episode 19: Emily Avenson

“Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can communicate through flowers.”

– Emily Avenson

Emily Avenson | Taylor & Porter Photographs

Today we’re sitting down with Emily Avenson, owner of Fleuropean in Aubel, Belgium to discuss:

  • what inspired her to begin growing flowers
  • some of her favorite varieties to grow (hint: Creme Brulee Phlox and Sahara Rudbeckia made the list)
  • how she’s managed to combine the vegetable garden culture of Europe with her flower garden blooms
  • making plant-dyed ribbon
  • the Slow Flowers movement & culture in Belgium
  • why she started The Lonely Bouquet

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Study with Emily:

Movement Workshop w/ Emily Avenson & Susanne Hatwood

September 25-28, 2018

Click here for more information

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BB Podcast Episode 18: Jennie Love

“It’s about understanding what you can do well and understanding you shouldn’t do everything.”

-Jennie Love

Today we’re sitting down with Jennie Love, owner of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss:

  • the process of finding land to farm
  • custom growing for clients
  • her Summer Solstice Party
  • how she fine tuned her business to work for her
  • the logistics of her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • the challenge of pricing locally grown flowers for profitability
  • her biggest marketing tool
  • the steps she took to elevate her brand and educate her clients about the value of locally grown flowers
  • how she found work/life balance

ME Photo & Design LLC

 Pat Furey Photography

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 Maria Mack Photography

Study with Jennie Love:

“Teaching Master Classes is a full body experience for me. I give students everything I’ve got. There are no walls or vague answers that hide some truth I’m uncomfortable sharing.” -Jennie

Jennie has two unique, on-farm workshop formats.  For those interested in learning some basic floral design techniques and enjoying time at her farm, exploring the rows of flowers and relaxing in a wide open space, the Floral Fundamentals Workshops are just the ticket. Click here for complete schedule of upcoming fundamental workshops.

For experienced industry professionals, Jennie offers an intensive curriculum, FROM SEED TO CENTERPIECE: A MASTER CLASS SERIES.  Please click here to learn more about this series. Jennie specialize in coaching farmer-florists in building sustainable businesses.

David Souis Photography

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POST PODCAST UPDATE: Jennie bought land!! To read more about it, click here!


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BB Podcast Episode 17: Christin Geall

“If my work appears innovative, it’s because I’m forced into that.”

-Christin Geall

Today we’re sitting down with Christin Geall, owner of Cultivated in Victoria, Canada to discuss:

  • her years as a homesteader growing/selling flowers and salad
  • her multi-faceted business model
  • her thoughts on flower photography
  • the workshop that sparked her desire to pursue floral design and growing again
  • how a color theory class and an art history class enriched her design aesthetic
  • the challenges of working in a remote location
  • how she got the opportunity to host a workshop in Scotland
  • her floral fantasy for the future

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Study with Christin Geall:

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Headshot: Helene Cyr Photography | Flower Photography: Christin Geall


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BB Podcast Episode 16: Nick Priestly

“This job has never felt like work.”

-Nick Priestly

Today we’re sitting down with Nick Priestly, owner of Mood Flowers and Flower School Glasgow, as well as co-owner of MUD Urban Flowers in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss:

  • how he ended up in the flower business (hint: it wasn’t exactly a life-long dream!)
  • what led him to co-host the Chapel Designer European Conferences with Holly Chapple
  • how his business background keeps his flower businesses profitable
  • the many facets of his flower business portfolio
  • the story behind the MUD “Little Bouquet”
  • why he said at one point, “I’m not going to be a florist.”
  • how he finds time to relax and what helps take his mind off his fast-paced businesses
  • how he handles competition
  • why he believes his most experienced staff member has remained at Mood Flowers
  • how he gets to freelance for his own company
  • how he was able to decrease the number of  staff members while still making a good living
  • how he runs three businesses from an 1800 sq. ft. studio space
  • how a messy studio sometimes works in his favor with potential clients
  • MUD Urban Flowers franchise opportunities on the horizon

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Links of Interest:

Mood Flowers: Website |Instagram| Facebook

Flower School Glasgow : Website | Instagram | Facebook

MUD Urban Flowers: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Images courtesy of Andrew Rae PhotographyMUD Urban Flowers, and Flower School Glasgow


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BB Podcast Episode 15: Maggie & Mick Bailey

“I can guarantee you that if Mick wasn’t as supportive as he is and wasn’t involved, that I wouldn’t still be in business.”

-Maggie Bailey

“I call us accidental entrepreneurs.”

-Mick Bailey

Maggie & Mick Bailey | Dana Fernandez Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Maggie & Mick Bailey, owners of Bramble & Bee in Tomball, Texas to discuss:

  • how they structured Bramble & Bee to work with their personalities
  • why they MUST travel
  • how their personalities compliment one another in running the business day-to-day
  • Mick’s unique background and what it allows him to bring to the table
  • Mick’s biggest fear for Maggie and what he’s doing to circumvent it
  • how they became ‘accidental entrepreneurs’
  • their journey into retail
  • how referrals helped build Bramble & Bee and how they’re returning the favor
  • what Mick loves about the industry
  • what Maggie learned about working from home

Bramble & Bee | Kelli Durham Photography

Bramble & Bee | Ashlen Sydney Photography

Links mentioned in Episode Fifteen:

Coming in March on the Botanical Brouhaha blog: MORNINGS WITH MAGGIE

Because our conversation with Maggie & Mick had to end at some point (because we wanted to go eat dinner!), we asked Maggie to continue the conversation in a 4-part series of guest blog posts right here on Botanical Brouhaha. Look for them every Wednesday in March! Topics will include:

March 7: Working as a Team

March 14: Building a Wedding Design Business

March 21: Building a Retail Business

March 28: Inside Bramble & Bee

Bramble & Bee Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram Facebook

As mentioned in the interview: Mick’s arrangement from Ariella Chezar’s class at Flower School New York


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