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BB Podcast Episode 22: Morgan Anderson, Ph.D.

“If you are a florist and you’ve been practicing and you’re not a novice anymore, consider yourself an artist.”

-Morgan Anderson, Ph.D.

Today we’re sitting down with Morgan Anderson, owner of The Flori.Culture in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss:

  • her research regarding the concept of floral design as an art form using flowers as medium
  • how managing flower studios sparked her pursuit of studying floral design as an art form
  • why some floral studio owners prefer hiring individuals with art backgrounds
  • the myriad of opportunities for careers within the floral industry

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BB Podcast Episode 21: Kelly Marie Thompson

“Part of the reason my team and I always work so well together is because I know I still have a lot of things to learn as well.”

-Kelly Marie Thompson

Today we’re sitting down with Kelly Marie Thompson, owner of Fleur in Chicago, Illinois to discuss:

  • her start as a shop owner 16 years ago as a 22 year old recent college graduate
  • the wide range of merchandise offered at her flower/lifestyle boutique
  • the #1 seller at Fleur
  • how she balances retail and wedding work
  • how she’s successfully grown her staff over the years
  • what she looks for in a new team member
  • the pride she takes in owning a neighborhood boutique
  • the logistics of running two separate locations
  • what she believes to be two very important things to consider when owning a business
  • her hopes for the future of Fleur

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BB Podcast Episode 20: Heather Siu

“The world is my canvas…as long as I have my floral clips, I can work anywhere.”

-Heather Siu

Heather Siu | Greg Finck Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Heather Siu, owner of Myrtle et Olive and Lark & Ives in Vancouver, British Columbia to discuss:

  • the importance of consistency in branding
  • why she decided to rebrand her business
  • how she successfully transitioned from a rental company to a full experience floral & event design company
  • why she chose to study under individual floral artists rather than attending a floral design program in a traditional college setting
  • the part-time seasonal staff she refers to as her “floral fairies”
  • her insights into planning and executing floral and event design for destination weddings
  • her #1 tool for connecting with wedding planners and fostering relationships that bring opportunities for collaboration her way
  • the amazing gift her mother gave her as a child and how it impacted her career path

Nadia Hung Photography

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BB Podcast Episode 19: Emily Avenson

“Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can communicate through flowers.”

– Emily Avenson

Emily Avenson | Taylor & Porter Photographs

Today we’re sitting down with Emily Avenson, owner of Fleuropean in Aubel, Belgium to discuss:

  • what inspired her to begin growing flowers
  • some of her favorite varieties to grow (hint: Creme Brulee Phlox and Sahara Rudbeckia made the list)
  • how she’s managed to combine the vegetable garden culture of Europe with her flower garden blooms
  • making plant-dyed ribbon
  • the Slow Flowers movement & culture in Belgium
  • why she started The Lonely Bouquet

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September 25-28, 2018

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BB Podcast Episode 18: Jennie Love

“It’s about understanding what you can do well and understanding you shouldn’t do everything.”

-Jennie Love

Today we’re sitting down with Jennie Love, owner of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss:

  • the process of finding land to farm
  • custom growing for clients
  • her Summer Solstice Party
  • how she fine tuned her business to work for her
  • the logistics of her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • the challenge of pricing locally grown flowers for profitability
  • her biggest marketing tool
  • the steps she took to elevate her brand and educate her clients about the value of locally grown flowers
  • how she found work/life balance

ME Photo & Design LLC

 Pat Furey Photography

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Study with Jennie Love:

“Teaching Master Classes is a full body experience for me. I give students everything I’ve got. There are no walls or vague answers that hide some truth I’m uncomfortable sharing.” -Jennie

Jennie has two unique, on-farm workshop formats.  For those interested in learning some basic floral design techniques and enjoying time at her farm, exploring the rows of flowers and relaxing in a wide open space, the Floral Fundamentals Workshops are just the ticket. Click here for complete schedule of upcoming fundamental workshops.

For experienced industry professionals, Jennie offers an intensive curriculum, FROM SEED TO CENTERPIECE: A MASTER CLASS SERIES.  Please click here to learn more about this series. Jennie specialize in coaching farmer-florists in building sustainable businesses.

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POST PODCAST UPDATE: Jennie bought land!! To read more about it, click here!


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