Amy McGee | Founder & Creative Director

Amy McGee has a broad range of experience in the floral industry. She entered the industry when she began growing and selling cut flowers from her first home-based business, The Cutting Garden. Her love of floral design blossomed while providing arrangements of her locally grown flowers to an upscale bed and breakfast. This venture eventually led her to open Bliss Flower Studio where she focused primarily on weddings and events, but also delivered custom arrangements and operated a floral subscription service. Amy made the difficult decision to close Bliss Flower Studio in 2008 in order to spend more time with her family, but could not completely leave the “flower people” she had come to love. In an effort to stay connected to the industry, she started Botanical Brouhaha in 2009. As a full-time blogger Amy has been able to maintain and forge new relationships with floral designers, growers, and the Chapel Designers. In 2017, Amy joined forces with Maria Maxit and Landon McGee to create the Botanical Brouhaha Podcast which highlights the stories behind the floral industry. Amy has two grown sons and currently lives and gardens in Texas with her husband. (image courtesy of Awake Photography)

Amy can be contacted by email at botanicalbrouhaha [@]gmail.com


Amelia Merie Goodall | Image Curation

Amelia Merie started her career as a floral designer young, at age 20 while still a student at Texas A&M. Before that, she had dreamt of filling her life with flowers for 7 years.  Starting her career with no formal education gave her a unique perspective when implementing designs and discovering her own style. Her inspiration comes from both the sculptural floral paintings that hang on the walls of European museums as well as the way the natural world dances and interacts with itself. Her favorite way to find inspiration is by taking long road trips across the country, taking deep care to notice textural seed pods and berries, the structural form of bare branches, budding trees, swaying grasses, desert flowers, leaf forms, and all the million shades of green. She’s inspired by sound and by color and by art and by culture. Her heart lies in supporting other florists as they grow, as well as fostering a rich community that is often lacking in this industry. In 2018, Amelia will take a break from her flowers to spend time farming in Italy, where her inspiration was first planted. Upon returning to the states, she will take what she learned in Europe and restart her business in Ft Worth, Texas.