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BB Podcast Episode 3: Chloe Milligan

“Trusting yourself and going with your own personality, your own vibe, is what people like. People like authentic. Don’t force it.”

-Chloe Milligan | MUD Urban Flowers

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Chloe Milligan | MUD Urban Flowers

Today we’re sitting down with Chloe Milligan (pictured above right) of MUD Urban Flowers to discuss:

  • The story behind the creation of MUD with her business partner Nick Priestly (owner of Mood Flowers and Flower School Glasgow)
  • How MUD went from start-up to thriving business in just a few short months
  • Her social media savvy-ness
  • The franchise plans for MUD

MUD Urban Flowers

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Website | Instagram | Facebook

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MUD Urban Flowers


Landon McGee | Podcast Sound Engineer

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BB Podcast Episode 2: Susan McLeary

“…curiosity, vulnerability, and tenacity. Those are three things that have allowed me to grow.”

-Susan McLeary | Passionflower

Passionflower | Susan McLeary

Today we’re sitting down with Susan McLeary (pictured above left) of Passionflower to discuss:

  • her expertise in creating living jewelry
  • how her work began to get published
  • the motivation behind her love of learning
  • the story behind her award-winning piece seen on the cover of Fusion Magazine
  • her slightly unconventional method of finding models for her photo shoots
  • the willow armature she mentioned in a BB Expert Panel discussion
  • the success of her PassionflowerMade Etsy shop
  • her new tutorial series and her special 20% discount offer to BB Podcast listeners! (see offer below – expires August 31, 2017)

Passionflower | Susan McLeary

Passionflower Links of Interest:

Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram

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Passionflower | Susan McLeary

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Introducing: The Botanical Brouhaha Podcast

So much love and hard work has gone into this project. We’ve dreamed big, mulled over the content and swallowed fears each time we waded into the waters of uncertainty. Together with my co-host, Maria Maxit of Maxit Flower Design, I’m excited (and a bit relieved) to finally share the start of what we hope will be a blessing to you.

Awake Photography | Botanical Brouhaha Podcast

Every other week, we’ll release a new episode and we hope you’ll join us. We’re sitting down in the BB Bungalow to visit, learn and laugh with some of the most fascinating people in the flower industry. You see, we believe all hard working men and women in the flower industry are fascinating because each has a unique story. We want to introduce you to people from every facet of this industry – those with years and years of experience, as well as others who are just beginning to turn their dream of business ownership into reality. The BB podcast is primarily about the stories and the people in our industry. Where our conversations lead remains to be seen. And that excites us!

The timing of this launch is no accident. We celebrate the 8th anniversary of Botanical Brouhaha this week and I think it’s finally time to step out from behind the computer to visit with the BB community who has supported me and propelled the BB blog forward all these years. This podcast is my gift to you and I’m thrilled to have Maria Maxit beside me for the adventure.

Please let us know if you have special requests for topics and/or guests. The BB podcast, just like the BB blog,  was created for you and we want to know how to best meet your needs. Let’s get started!

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Paige Budde | Awake Photography

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